so I was about to post…

15 02 2008

…but I totally got distracted by the sidebar lolzcats and had to click on it.

I know I haven’t done a band this wk. I’ve been busy. What? You disagree? Fine. I’ve been lazy. Happy? I’ll… get to it soon -ish.

Had a wonderful little rant sesh this morning with FrontDesk & Payroll about the men in the office. To say it’s a ‘traditional’ setup is prolly as close as it gets to the truth. We’re the Work Wives. For real. “Honey, could you do this / that / drop everything your doing to fix my laptop / printer / notes.” Well, minus the ‘honey.’ Seriously.

It’s actually kind of amusing. My boss always wonders how I can finish one project sooo quickly but then take days to do the next. Well, golly gee. I wonder why? Maybe if I didn’t have random ass people dropping things on my desk going “hey, you’re marketing so could you print this for me?” … how is that marketing??? Or when the President comes running “Grace! Grace! you know Excel right?? I don’t want to play with the document but I need something added/changed. Could you come do that? Right this minute?” Sure thing! let me just walk away from this phone call with a client! It’s amusing but disruptive. As much as I love FrontDesk, she’s the closest thing we have to a secretary around here, but I end up doing 1/2 her work because she doesnt know how. no matter how many times I teach her. ugh. whatever.

What did I learn this week?

    • The sun comes out before I go to work again finally!!!
    • How to Style Curls 101
    • I’m bouncing back faster from upsets
    • If my roommate doesn’t pay her 1/2 of the rent (which her father forgot for february) we get kicked out in 4 days! And my reaction: Ok, no big deal. Just pay it roomie. eh. (yay me for no freakouts!!!)
    • Prefer vanilla frosting over cottagecheese frosting or buttercream or whatever the fuck it’s called. ew.
    • I’d like to wake up on Feb. 15th someday to a guy cooking me breakfast before I rush out the door. fyi – lucky roomie had date with photoguy (newly returned from s.korea) last night… which went into this morning
    • And the ultimate reinforced: It’s all Karma. It comes back around.

    Aside from my one major Worry Of The Week, I had a fantastic wk! I’ll save that worry for nxt wk though. Will DEFINITELY need advice. It’s only gonna get worse.

    Hope the rest of you have wonderful weekends! I’m leaving for Home to see my family & friends. (yes, again fuck off.)