Be Mine?

14 02 2008

I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater.  Really not.  Swear.


I got dressed this morning grabbing my last pair of clean underwear (fuck laundry) and the first cleanish cardigan off the floor.  Got to work.  Yes, I am wearing red.  No, it was not on purpose.  oops.  I’m just not a cheesy V-day person.  I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s day.  Never really cared.  Actually those people who always whinge about it piss me off more.  If you can’t handle the mooshiness of a couple holding hands, go home, lock the door and dont talk.  Some of us are actually okay with being single.

However, I now work with all married people.  As I heard the guys coming in this morning all going on and on “ugh. ladies’s day. so did you do for your wife?” My first thought was “shut up! you’re all gonna have sex tonite.”  Now lets be honest, they may not all. But I guess I can now kinda see the other side.  That’s the “woe is me I’m single” who gets to go home knowing that everyone in the world is having sex and you just get a bag of chocolate you bought yourself.  damn.  I could see how that would depress.

Good thing I’m floating above it all. 

It all comes back around.  Just gotta keep thinking someday, someday my geek will come.  




3 responses

15 02 2008

I LOVE that picture!! It is hanging in my dining room. Also. Just so you know. I got no sex last night AND I’m married 🙂 Hubs got home too late from his trip. I did get a card and some good dinner though 🙂

15 02 2008

haha thanks for sharing! both FrontDesk & Payroll admitted they fell asleep early last night totally ignoring their bf’s. makes me feel a little better i guess. 😉

15 02 2008

Too cute. What can I say. I swear its almost as though I’m writing this blog! I love it. And that picture is one of my favorite in the world! In addition, I didn’t get sex either. Definitely made cookies to make myself feel better though…and ate half of them myself!

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