The Talk & The Following Night

12 02 2008

If you’re like me, when you wake up in the morning after that sort of a crazy Friday night, you immediately rehash every bit in you brain to sort it out.  Then you search out the camera you accidentally chucked across the room the night before to find out what you missed.

Bored, you might jump in the shower and wait for others to wake and when that fails ‘accidentally’ sit on their feet (which were so on your side of the bed anyways!)  Then you pester Roomie until she’s awake enough to give info on what she and Indie talked about last night when so deeply in discussion.

The Talk
Here’s what she remembers: After being asked if/for how long Indie likes/liked me he said “… since like day 1, man!” And asks in return “so you think I should be um, more, um, aggressive about my liking her?” Roomie said she doesn’t remember much else but he did bring up Pasquales – this place where we went out on our all of 2 dates.  I know I mentioned it to Roomie before but she was surprised he brought it up “and what about Pasquales…” Unfortunately that is all she remembers. P apparently told him later to ‘stop being a pussy and make a move.” Huh sounds like what he told me. lol.

SO from that we get:
Indie does or did like me, remembers taking me out to Pasquales – and counts those times as dates, and was too chicken shit for a while to make a move even tho he admitted he kinda knew I liked him (at least during that summer). Yes, I’m skittish, nervous, and a total commitment phobe. But he still kissed me! …. So that equals….. maybe yes? Sure no idea where things could go but at the very least he’d want to hang out again that wkend right?

The Following Day/Night
P & roomie totally encouraged my calling Indie and seeing about getting his friends to meet up with us and walk around all the statues (which were pretty fucking amazing!) but I figured it was a bit early – knowing that he and his friends were cooking a huge breakfast in the morning for 30some people.

After we started drinking again at noon, I figured I’d drop a txt and see what they’re plans were for the night. The House was having a big, dressy barcard party for just brothers and their dates, but P said if we couldn’t sneak them in we could always meet up at the bars.

1:30 PM – I txt. No response.

I call a few hours later to see if they want to meet up at the KBC for drinks. His friend answers and tells me “pretty sure but we are going to the game and might not

5:00 PM – Hockey game starts

P, Roomie, & I sneak up to the President’s skybox to watch the last few minutes of UW-Madison’s massacre of MI Tech. Looking out at the crowd I see Indie & Friends.  Obvi wasted.

10:00 PM – Barcard begins.  Roomie is hit on by 7, I repeat 7, different brothers – all of whom felt the need to pull me aside and tell me they dig her. Great… I’m feeling a bit lonely.  Wishing Indie was there.  I got all dressed up and cute.  Why hasn’t he called?  Or at least txtd???

Doubts begin about the night before. Does he not remember? Was he lying? Was roomie lying? Was he just really feeling the need to kiss someone?  Is he just not interested? Was he too drunk?  Is he now too drunk to remember to call?

12:00 AM – I call and leave a simple friendly msg saying we’re heading out to another frat and then the bars. No call back. WTF? He always calls back or at least txts eventually.

3:00 AM – I go to bed slightly saddened & uber confused.

To be continued with The 7hr Epiphany & The Txt