work giggles & carnival recap!

11 02 2008

I am such a child.

I work in the construction industry doing marketing and other odd jobs (because marketing construction reeeeeaaalllly doesn’t take much) including project coordination (sounds interesting but is actually mostly administrative). So I get to read over lots of contracts and write copy on all sorts of stuff. Sounds fine enough right?

I giggle. Lots.

Everytime I see the word erection. “the completion of the concrete erection…” “the rebar was settled and the walls erected” etc… yea, I know. I just can’t help it. You try reading a dry as fuck contract and not burst into laughter. All by yourself. In your cube. Awkward!!! Lol. I was just thinking about this because I’m uploading docs to our system and there’s a company that goes by the acryonym “FKMI” … and when I say it to myself: Fuck Me. teehee. I’m such a teenager.


Exciting happenings this past wkend! In order to give the full effect (yes, I just want to relive it again) I’m going to do it in 2 parts. Then I actually want to hear your opinions on the topic. And yes, ‘I told you so’ is officially acceptable at this point.

Remember how I said “Not crushing. Swear.” about Indie last week? I lied. Not necessarily on purpose though. It’s true that for a while there I could seriously believe I didn’t give a shit… so long as I didn’t see him… or talk to him… or look at old pictures…

I had pretty much given up on him a long long time ago. Really. Oh the crush was still there, but he didn’t seem interested in me. We joked around a lot but that was it. Never really saw each other and the last time we did, well, I wasn’t sure he remembered it. So I contented myself with accepting the crush as something I’d eventually move on from – you know, when I met someone else. I just chalked it up to not having met anyone else.

So… I’ll write a bit and post soon. Promise!




One response

11 02 2008

you and i are the most mature people i know, therefore i’m not surprised you giggle at the word “erection”….as would i 😉

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