The Story Itself

11 02 2008

Ok wow.  There are just so many pieces and tangents to this story!!!  Good lord.  So we have the story itself, the talk, the following night, the 7hr epiphany, & the txt.  Damn.  Hope you’re ready.  Oh and feel free to be blunt in your comments.  I know I’m a pathetic loser.  I mean come on!  I’ve been smitten with Indie for almost 2 YEARS! ridic

The Story Itself:
Winter Carnival up at MI Tech.  Hell yes!  I was really psyched for a wkend up in the middle of nowhere with my cousins.  Visiting P’s frat (er, fraternity sorry. “you don’t call your country a cunt do you?!?!”) and meeting fun drunken brothers was tops on my list of things to do.  Both LP & Indie were supposed to be up there too but I knew I wouldn’t see them – because I wasn’t planning on calling them.

Sidenote: Finally told Indie on Wednesday that I was going up to tech as well and, chicken that I am, played it off as “oh really? I thought I had told you ages ago… oops!”

We got into town late, hung out with the Director of Student Affairs – who’s house we were crashing at, then stopped by the frat (henceforth known as House) to say hi to a few people before hitting up the bars.  P was loved by everyone during his years at tech – involved in everything, president of the House & of the tech student body for 2 years – which is how we got anything we wanted all wkend. 😉 Yay free alcohol!

We are standing around at the House meeting people when someone moves into my peripheral.  Roomie, who I’m talking to at the time, glances over and I turn to see… Indie standing there, full shock on his face, arms open for a hug. I WAS STUNNED.  Literally! I think I just stood there in shock for a moment.

Roomie, Indie & I just joked around a bit.  He apparently actually cared that I had only just told him I was also gonna be up at tech for the wkend and kept asking how I could’ve forgotten to tell him sooner.  He cared! Yay!  Roomie re-invited him to our upcoming party to which I added “rsvp early and you can even lay claim to the couch as oppose to the wood floor” (where he slept last time). And what does she say??? “Or Grace’s bed. You could always sleep there.” omfg. We joked through the awkward moment with me glaring and Indie grinning. Thanks roomie. (yes, it was kinda… implied but not to be said aloud!!!) damn girl.

Anyway, we left for the bars but told him we’d be back. A bit of time spent at the Dog found a guy I graduated from high school with and lots of random brothers & friends. Then, after my 1st ever jagerbomb we went back to the House.  I was sooo excited to see him again. Inside I was bouncing up and down like the 13yr old I act like.  He was so friendly and confident and looking amazing hot (and slightly sloshed, but weren’t we all?)

Ran into his blitzed friend, literally, at the top of the stairways and we went to the basement to get drinks.  Indie was there talking to some of the brothers.  Dance party for Roomie & I.  Indie’s friend sways precariously.  I turn to request a song from P at the booth and when I turn back, Roomie & Indie are deep in discussion. Drunk and not thinking straight my first thought is “oh noes! Now he’s gonna like her. Not that he likes me but boo.” “wtf. That’s not true. They aren’t even flirting.” Yes, I argue with myself when drunk. When I walked over to join the conversation both Indie & Roomie go dead silent.  Like you do when you are talking about someone and too tipsy to come up with a pretend conversation.  just great. awkward.  I walk away and turn back to P start to ramble about Indie.  Smiling but not looking up he says “stop being such a pussy. both of you. geez. just make a move.”

15 minutes later? 2 hours later? No idea.

He and I are alone just talking and joking around when he kisses me. Damn!  I get butterflies just thinking about it! BEST KISS EVER. Seriously! Eventually his friend came back down and broke us up but all I could think about was wanting to go back to that moment. That perfect moment. I have been dreaming about a kiss like this since… well, forever.  It was just so perfect. Takes your breath away.

The rest of the night is a blur.  I fuzzily remember his arm around me.  Don’t remember them leaving.  Do remember texting him at 3am “come back. where did you go?” (which actually came out as come bakc where d u go?) Then we must’ve left and gone to bed. Not really sure of that last bit. But as drunk as I was, my head was clear (and blissful) while we were kissing.

The next morning I woke up at 6am – like you do when you’ve been out drinking. I just sat in bed reminiscing and trying not to wake roomie. So tough when you’re grinning from ear to ear and trying not to burst with giggles. Totally over the moon about it.

Stay Tuned for The Talk & The Following Night


work giggles & carnival recap!

11 02 2008

I am such a child.

I work in the construction industry doing marketing and other odd jobs (because marketing construction reeeeeaaalllly doesn’t take much) including project coordination (sounds interesting but is actually mostly administrative). So I get to read over lots of contracts and write copy on all sorts of stuff. Sounds fine enough right?

I giggle. Lots.

Everytime I see the word erection. “the completion of the concrete erection…” “the rebar was settled and the walls erected” etc… yea, I know. I just can’t help it. You try reading a dry as fuck contract and not burst into laughter. All by yourself. In your cube. Awkward!!! Lol. I was just thinking about this because I’m uploading docs to our system and there’s a company that goes by the acryonym “FKMI” … and when I say it to myself: Fuck Me. teehee. I’m such a teenager.


Exciting happenings this past wkend! In order to give the full effect (yes, I just want to relive it again) I’m going to do it in 2 parts. Then I actually want to hear your opinions on the topic. And yes, ‘I told you so’ is officially acceptable at this point.

Remember how I said “Not crushing. Swear.” about Indie last week? I lied. Not necessarily on purpose though. It’s true that for a while there I could seriously believe I didn’t give a shit… so long as I didn’t see him… or talk to him… or look at old pictures…

I had pretty much given up on him a long long time ago. Really. Oh the crush was still there, but he didn’t seem interested in me. We joked around a lot but that was it. Never really saw each other and the last time we did, well, I wasn’t sure he remembered it. So I contented myself with accepting the crush as something I’d eventually move on from – you know, when I met someone else. I just chalked it up to not having met anyone else.

So… I’ll write a bit and post soon. Promise!