Looking for Corny

8 02 2008

The snow has kept us in for the last few days.  I’ve really only ventured out for work – though I definitely stayed and worked from home on Wednesday during the blizzard.  So roomie & I have been watching a lot of movies. Just this week I have seen:

27 Dresses – Cute in a I-love-james-marsden or must-get-married kind of way.  Loved JM and KH.  Best scene of the movie:  wasted Jane & Kevin singing Benny & the Jets on the bar. ***

Sydney White – Cheesy. Cheesy beyond Disney, beyond high school musical.  Beyond any kind of cheesy you could imagine.  Still kinda funny though – in a really shallow, superficial, 10yr old kind of way.  Not nearly up to par with She’s the Man but I may have only liked that because of *drool* Channing Tatum. *

The Holiday – Amazing, Spectacular. If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably male. That’s fine. This is one of 2 guy approved chickflick-ish movies (the other being Love Actually).  Watch it now.  Or again.  Love love love. ****

3:10 to Yuma – excellent western for those who love them.  Keeps you guessing.  Amazing acting by both Christian Bale & Russell Crowe ****

Across the Universe – Beautiful visuals and music. Excellently cast and carried out.  Best seen on a big screen. It’s different yes – but in a way that, I think, even the Beatles would sincerely approve.  Really quite stunning.  The Lennon-ish versions of Bono looked very Robin Williams to me.  And was that Eddie Izzard?!  Definitely a must-see. *****

*            Ha. You made a movie. Yay you. Wait, did I lose brain cells?
**          Eh. Still bit of a waste of time.
***        Average. Basic plotless action movie with great visuals or above average chickflick.
****      Somewhat realistic characters – easy to relate to. Pulls at the heartstrings a bit.
*****    Thought provoking characters, plot, setting. Stunning visuals.

Was thinking about The Holiday today.  It’s always hit me but as I told CL the other day “I know I’ve seen that movie a few times, but this time I was a little intox-ed and feeling very aretha franklin / queen latifah ‘you said it honey!’” every other line.

Funny bit is, when it first came out, everyone and their mother saw it.  I didn’t.  Everyone & their mother also said that I WAS one of the characters.  However, no one would fess up on which.  Instead they’d just call each other up, confer & announce “She agrees too!  Thought of you immediately when she saw it!” So curisousity getting the better of me, I went to the movie.  Let’s consider the key points:

Iris – Sobbing git.  Falls apart at the slightest thing.  Total romantic, kind, hooked on a guy she knows will always use her and never truly love her. 

Amanda – Narrates her own life in her head like a movie trailer.  Ridiculously hopeless with men because she isn’t sensitive enough.  Doesn’t cry.  Doesn’t say I love you.  If not viewed from her perspective – would be seen as ambitious, cold, heartless.

Hmmm… Let’s say we walk into the theater not knowing who our friends and family are comparing us to.  Movie begins.  Heartless Amanda throws out cheating bf.  Tries to cry (& fails).  Which one am I supposed to be?  Oh fuck.  Figures. 

Really though, while I can somewhat see the whole Grace is to Amanda like Apple pie is to Lemon Meringue, I still feel a bit more like raspberry tart. True, I do tend to kick away all the ones that show interest.  However, once someone gets under that wall of protection, I’m the blubbering fool Iris.

It’s a stunner I know.  But maybe that’s why the wall is there?  Not to protect me, but to protect all you unsuspecting men who think I’m ‘just a bit distant.’  So really, I’m doing you a favor.

My favorite line of the movie: “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.” – Iris

Me too!




2 responses

8 02 2008

it’s ok, i’m like amanda and then iris once you get to know me. i like iris the best, i see myself most in her…love the super helpful movie reviews!!

and yes, i’m looking for corny too, but not until my corny wall gets disassembled.

11 02 2008

“corny wall?” lol not familar with that one…

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