The Redwalls

7 02 2008

Because I’m awesome like that, I hadn’t yet posted an artist this week because I couldn’t decide what to write on.  I’ve started bits on Spoon, Green Day & Paramore, but I just got a recommendation today that I HAVE to share.

For the record – at least 30 percent of the bands I now listen to were suggested by Indie.  In fact, that’s just how we communicate sometimes.  I’ll get the random 3am txt: Reckoner and know he’s referring to one off In Rainbows. Or we’ll send lines of lyrics on aim.  If you don’t know the song.  Look it up.  Love Love Love hearing about music I haven’t listened to before.  Most recent messages have been:

Indie:    marcy playground
me:    sex and candy
Indie:    download all their shit
me:    really? i haven’t heard them since i was like 12
Indie:    yea. they are really good actually.
Indie:    or just get the shapeshifter album
Indie:    bye, bye, pigeon farm, and our generation – those are my favorite songs on that one

Black Keys. Now

because the hook brings you back” (hello blues traveler!)

Suppose it makes sense.  We united over the Redwalls De Nova album which I ran across when digging through his cd case as he was giving me a ride home from work.  Both of us had the cd and neither thought anyone on the face of WI had heard of them.  That got us talking about music, and now we’re both addicted to bands suggested by the other.  He convinced me to actually really listen to Radiohead (before him I had only heard ‘creep’), and I got him on the Kooks & Spoon.

Shit.  I’m totally going on about him again, aren’t I?  eh.  whatever.  Not crushing.  Swear.  I was just having a very emotional few days last week.  My bad.

Anyway, artist this week:

The Redwalls

Found via a Chicago magazine left in my hotel room several years ago. They were playing that night at a bar on Rush but I was, alas, too young to go. I still haven’t had the chance to see them. Boo.

They have a very 60’s rock n roll, Beatles-esqe sound – much more Helter Skelter & Revolution than With a Little Help From My Friends.  The Redwalls are actually from Deerfield, IL and seem to play most of their gigs in the Chicago area – although, they did tour fronting for Oasis a few years ago.  SPIN did a great little bit on them in 2005

A band like the Redwalls gives credence to theories claiming that aesthetic preferences could be passed along through genetic code. But in this case, it’s something much more complex than two siblings collaborating and harmonizing as the Redwalls’ Baren brothers do on De Nova, the band’s major-label debut. It’s as if an anthology of their parents’ pop music, both American and British, was transmitted into these young lads via some sort of groovy amino acids, ones that have recently been jostled into action and manifested in the form of neat and nifty rock’n’roll ditties.

Vocalist/guitarist Logan Baren, who handles the majority of songwriting duties, is 22. Bassist/vocalist Justin Baren and guitarist Andrew Langer — who might as well be blood, having grown up on the same block as the Barens in Deerfield, Ill. — are 20, and more recently added drummer Ben Greeno is 21. Yet on De Nova, the abundant influences come from those acts we tend to call “timeless.” Tinges of Southern rock mix with Beatles-esque melodies and R&B horns — so good to hear a sax these days! — on lead single “Thank You” (listen and watch — check links in right column), while a bit of Kinks-style shuffle provides support to a surprising protest message on “Falling Down.” Later, the band builds a levee-breaking groove on “Back Together” and offers classic mod takes on American guitar soul via the plaintively titled “Rock & Roll.”

Oasis, a band that’s no stranger to rock homage, has tapped these young upstarts to be among the opening acts on five nights of their U.K. tour, including two in Oasis’ hometown of Manchester. But American audiences can catch them at a few varied summer dates. De Nova is out now.

Personally, I love the simplicity of the lyrics & the raw sound. They just make the perfect combination.  Tried to post a vid of them playing on David Letterman but it wouldn’t load so here’s the official vid of Thank You.  If you want to see the Letterman one it’s here:

My absolute favorite song of their’s by far is Front Page. The lyrics are awesome; the tone is beautiful; the guitars are amazing.

“the place smokes, and the palace burns / and the world keeps turning around / and around, yeah”

p.s. Did I tell you about the time we talked about tea for 2 hours straight?

Indie: twinings
me: love that stuff
Indie: yea
Indie: so quit ur bitchin’
me: still think you’re a bit cracked on the citrus
me: but i haven’t had any lady grey in a while so maybe i guess you might be right
Indie: It consists of black tea scented with oil of bergamot, lemon peel and orange peel.
Indie: bam

…how lame are we?




3 responses

8 02 2008

yes you are crushing. stop denying!

that’s all.

8 02 2008

agreed w/ allie. but after talking to you today, i’m not sure

8 02 2008

am not!!! psh. was having butterflies last wk because i was overly emotional and lonely is all. he just happened to be the closest/easiest male for those feelings to latch on to. none this week!

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