Lost Identity?

5 02 2008

You know those times where NOTHING goes well???

Some fucker is using half my social security number. WTF?! I have excellent credit. I just got off the phone with some witch from a department store asking me about this account I’m listed on at their store.

Apparently there is some joe’s name on an account that just got flagged because he’s been dead for 2yrs. Someone added their name to the account using part of MY social this past summer. And by their name, I mean MINE. When she asks if the last 4 digits of my social are _ _ _ _ I’m stunned because those are exactly right.  However, I wasn’t born in ’73. She lists off 4 more numbers of the social when we start arguing and those are WRONG. Apparently, the account has a $1,200 balance. “Are you sure that you do not know ___? Because now is the time to fess up and come clean.” oh my god! So now what??

First of all, I don’t shop that dept. store. Secondly, I do remember looking up my record on the website that tells you anyone’s tickets / arrests / whatnot and seeing another “my name here” listed with quite a few tickets, living somewhat nearby. The woman believes that whoever added me to the account seems to have mixed my information with that of (possibly) the other woman in my state by my same name.

Of course I freaked. Called my dad. He’s checking with all his banker buddies as to what to do next. I’m sitting at work tweaking out.

The woman on the phone told me to call Experian to put up a fraud alert on my account. She said that since only half of my identity is being used I dont need to do a police report. I’m panicking. Dad thinks I should just put up a credit alert and watch it paranoidly for the year. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.
I’m scared. I don’t want anyone pretending they’re me.