Rule for Crushes

1 02 2008

2 posts today!  don’t you feel special? 

I have this strict rule for crushes. No daydreaming about guys you like. None. See the way I figure, my brilliant, romantic imagination will create my version of a Knight in Shining Armor… and no crush is gonna live up to that. So there I’ll be, gazing longing up (through the ceiling tiles) at the sky. He’ll be sarcastic and charming, saying all the right things, doing all the right things.* I’ll be swept off my feet. Or I’ll sweep him off his feet – sometimes I like to be the superhero, er, heroine.

Anyway, as I’ve gotten older I’ve decided to extend that broad rule. Now it is “No daydreaming about guys you’ll ever see again.” Which currently leaves my hero count at 1. Read it. 1. I can only daydream about MrRugby from way back in Londontown 2 years ago? How sad. But really it makes sense, if my heart doesn’t stop fluttering** every time I think about certain someones. Okay fine. Indie. I admit it, i’m still kind of attracted to the douche. But I am mature enough now to recognize that nothing will happen. Anyway, if my heart always seems to pick back up on that beat every time I hear from him I’m either gonna have to get it checked out by the Doc or beat the crap out of it.

And since I’m a daydreamer… Maybe I ought to buy something. That usually keeps me distracted for a while. Oooo or I could begin my taxes. Doesn’t that sound exciting. Or, I guess, I could work. boo.

Any suggestions on good distractions? Other than TV (fucking writers strike) or Zelda or recreating a budget. I need something to really distract my mind otherwise it wanders off. Thoughts?

*Allie, how do you usually describe my ‘perfect guy’? I forget but it’s so right.
**Perhaps this is the actual reason for not telling Indie I too will be in Houghton for the Winter Carnival wkend at Mi Tech? Though I doubt I will see him there what with all the people and drunkenness, but still.



1 02 2008

Because there is not much hotter than Cristiano Ronaldo and a beautiful car.

found via footyblog

I can’t help it.  I love good ads.  Come on, I’m in marketing.  Some of my favorite pastimes include checking I believe in Advertising daily, ripping pages out of magazines, the Andy Awards, & of course, the Super Bowl (and you thought I watched it just for the football)

p.s.  if you haven’t already, check out the andy awards.  all the best commericals and print ads ever are there.  you can view the winners all the way back to 1999!