It’s a Wonderful Lie

28 01 2008

Reading a new book:   book

The back cover says “In this original collection, critically acclaimed female writers pull back the curtain on being twenty-something. Entertaining and enlightening, this anthology speaks honestly about that unique time in life when expectations are not always realized, yet surprises are plentiful and thrilling.”

I say “I want to cry.”

The book itself is truly wonderful. Most bits have been written by women now in their 30s – attempting to show people like me that what I’m going through isn’t as bad as it really could be. Great to know. But it still sucks ass sometimes. I’ve been trying pretty hard lately not to get down on myself for things but, per usual, it’s sucking my soul dry.

Currently in the midst of “The One Who Got Away” by Melissa Senate.  Like that’s not depressing.  She writes that her therapist told her you don’t want to join any club that would have you as a member hmm.  Okay, I’ll admit I never stayed in therapy long enough to get something that deep but you tire of having to tell someone all the basics for the first few months so they have an idea of who you’re talking about.

Later she writes, If A was the guy I wanted and he didn’t feel that way about me, why did B? Something must be seriously wrong with him. When have I not been there?? Oh yea, when I’m in the midst of I-don’t-have-anyone-whats-wrong-with-me syndrome. Basically I’m just reminded of how pitiful of an excuse of a date I’ve become and don’t want to finish the short story. I can just see it ending with the classic ‘I found my husband at 30’ line that’s so evil. Where are the true endings? The ones like My Best Friend’s Wedding where Julia Roberts watches her boy float away and she’s still alone. Now that sounds plausible people!

Maybe I’m just edgey because I watch both Bridget Jones last night.  Roomie and I were gonna hit up the Editors concert but neither of us were feeling up for going out.  A movie marathon was plotted instead.  bridget

She’s never seen Bridget Jones and watched for 20mins before remarking, “wow her sense of humor is JUST like yours!!!”  I was flattered. I find Jones hilarious.  Then she left.  Seemingly out of boredom.  My pms-ing, chocolate induced, rough analysis is that Roomie doesnt think I’m funny.  SAY WAHT??? not cool. Not true. I know she thinks I’m funny. I’m just pissy.


Pissed that Roomie couldn’t get on the internet and half-assed an attempt to fix it.  complete with umm but I dont know which cord goes where... Which resulted in ME calling Time Warner and sitting on hold for 45mins to schedule and appt that I wont even be there for.

Pissed that she was sick of changing the water filter in her brita all the time so she decided to leave it until I would notice (as if!) so that I would help change it. Why would I think to change it? It all tastes that same to me.  She just changed it yesterday – and had to point out that I could help out with that each month. huh? wow. If you want me to take a turn, say something. dont wait 4months for me to notice.

Oh yea. and I’m pissed that she broke the front right off one of our kitchen drawers months ago and hasnt bothered to call maintence about it, or the storm windows being stuck, or the bathroom sink backing up every day. Why do I always have to be the one to argue with maintenance about whether or not they should come NOW.  I think I’ve call them once a month since we moved it.  They know me by name.  And I’d just like to note that the building manager no longer answers or responds to my calls.  It’s not like I’m anything other than my sweet, adorable, persuasive self on the phone.  I just call. a lot.


Oooh! On a happier note:  I got to meet up with WiscoBlonde this past friday night!  It was great to see her again – and MG!  They really are so adorable together.  v.jealous.  We talked all about her trip -how fing exciting! I want to travel again.  It really was great to catch up.  I invited Roomie along because I’m loving the restaurant where MG works and I knew she would too.  She’s agreed that we need to go more often.  – WB – Hope you made it home safe despite the shit weather!!!

So back to chilling at work. ugh. ciao!




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30 01 2008

I think you’re wonderful!!! I’m looking forward to many more pints/whiskey pours in the oncoming months. Especially when the weather gets nicer. Maybe I’ll even venture somewhere other than BIP one of these days! 🙂

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