It’s my soap opera

23 01 2008

James’ comment on one of my last posts made me realize just how disjointed the people and plots are within my blog. “so who fancies who again?  It’s like watching a soap opera, you need to watch if for a bit to get what is going on.” Too true!  (and if you haven’t already, go read up on his blog. he comes up with the most interesting and random topics!)

via The Rules of Attraction

Okay so here’s the basics on the characters I reference from time to time. I’ll make ‘em short, concise & to the point.

The Ladies…

CL and Allie are RL friends of mine who are well up on all the drama our group creates.  Former roommates, great friends.  I miss them like crazy.  Since I moved to the city, we’re about 2hrs drive, but I still make the trip back about once a month to visit them and my family.  Which reminds me, Allie & CL, if you’re reading this, You are Cordially Invited to what’s gonna be another stellar party a la chez moi.

I’ve only know M for about a year but it feels like forever.  Love this girl.  She’s not totally up on the blogosphere yet for non-study purposes.  Maybe someday she’ll set up a blog just to dish on her wonderful life.

Roomie is my adorable flatmate who I clash with from time to time.  We grew up together and always stayed close.  Then we moved in together.  We usually do pretty well so long as we go out for drinks once a week to catch up and keep the bathroom clean.  Shit.  It is so my week to clean.

…and Gentlemen

I hardcore crushed on Indie a while back when we worked together. Nothing came out of it for various reasons including that when I finally started to become comfortable with him the summer ended we went back to classes 4hrs apart. He said “I usually come home once a month…. so I’ll still see you…” and then lost his driver’s license for 6months for getting caught underage drinking 2x in the same wk. I’ve only seen him 3x since that summer, but (with us both being totally computer nerds and music freaks) we still joke around and talk a lot online or on the phone.  Even though I moved, he still lives 3 hrs away and is still in college… We had one utterly romantic/crazy night at a party at my apt that ended with the two of us going for a walk along the lakefront at 4am and then he just wrapped his arms around me and we stood at the top of the hill for a long time just enjoying the view of the water. The walk he joked about the next day but though he never said he blacked out… sometimes I wonder if he actually remembers all of it…. sad.

Trek is an old friend I’ve known forever who I have just happened to mack on a few times – including once with CL in the same bed.  Classy I know.  Don’t worry.  We found another so she could sleep without feeling too awkward.  (considering she was apparently still awake and decided to giggle instead of kick us out which wasnt awkward at all.)  A decent guy overall, but he is always surrounded by girl drama of his own making.

SecondChance E and GreekD were both friends of friends who I just happened to makeout with… leading down roads too often traveled.  SCE was a pretty great guy overall but nothing there.  GreekD was just an ass who loooves his booty calls.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice (each) shame on me. damn.

Patriots was a guy I was friends with in college who always had a bit of a thing for me. I gave him a chance. It just wasn’t there for me. He now is out of contact and raising his newborn daughter without the help of the mother – his ex. Really decent, upstanding guy. Just not my type.

Teddy was a junior prom date and really close friend. Story of the sweetheart of the decade can be found here: PromBoy & Grace the Asshole

Mr. Opportunity. Ha wow. Love this kid. Mr.O was a friend of mine from high school that I became poker buddies with in college. We ended up studying in London at the same time and hung out a lot. We united against all thing stateside after returning for the summer. Our major similarities – love of travel & business & whatnot made us kinda date… but then I met Indie and lost interest in Mr.O. Our only notable interactions included a night spent with me completely blacked having pushed him off a number of times and yet still making out with him and (for some insane ‘leave me alone reason’ punched him in the balls in a cab) – so far as to wake up in his bed with my bff CL sleeping on the floor. Several attempted “I’m not interested” conversations later finally closed the case after he sent some condensending emails of “we’re prefect for each other. You’re missing an excellent opportunity here.” Hence the ‘MrOpportunity.’ But like all my boys, we’ve become great friends again and get together pretty regularly for after work drinks.

Okay I tried and failed. I’m never concise I know.  But there you go!  It’s my soap opera.

SIDENOTE: oh wow. Bright red with embarrassment!!! Here I am having a conversation with a superior (really really goodlooking but oh so married) who always (rather uncomfortably*) checks me out.  I’m trying to put a binder clip on a huge stack of papers when it snaps and flies from my fingers!  Right into my cleavage.  Kill me!

*he’s super obvious. ugh. at least pretend you aren’t.




7 responses

24 01 2008

Hooray, I’m coming to your party (whenever it is).

PS – didn’t the horrible horrible D.J., (aka roomie from hell) give Mr. O his nickname? Eee… just thinking about her gives me the creeps. Oh well, at least she’s not allergic to pine trees… you asshole.

24 01 2008

I’m adding myself to your soap opera:

Wiscoblonde: Fun, fabulous and…modest (of course) fellow blogger who I’m super excited to be hanging out with Friday night!


24 01 2008

i’m seeing a recurring theme here…hmmmm

p.s. i hope you know you ruined christmas last year, just thought i’d rub in your face again you asshole! heh.

i’m glad i’m part of the soap opera. wish i had some juicy understory but i’ll leave that to you to write!

24 01 2008

Hey thanks for doing that, it’s like having someone sat next to you while your watching said TV program and there like ‘right he’s sleeping with her but fancies him too’ and all of a sudden it starts to make sense.

And double thanks for the link and kind words about my ickle blog. yaaaahhhh

Looking forward to the next instalment of the soap opera.

24 01 2008

haha wow. let’s see…

allie – yes, queenofdarkness&evil did give Mr Opportunity his name. However, it fit so well I just couldnt change it, even after she went psychonuts. *shudder*

wisco – yay for friday! I’m so excited to hear all about your trip!

CL – yaya i see the theme too. i see a theme of “grace gets drunk, macks on guy, friends seem to stick around anyway…” kinda weird. 😉 I could write you up a drama but we need a catalyst.
ps- wtf? how the fuck did i ruin christmas??? what happened last christmas?

James – no problem! You inspired me to finally make sense out of it all. I tend to write like I think which means I skip around and get easily distracted. …ooo shiny! …hopefully I don’t run out of drama. it’s been getting pretty scarce what with all the snow. boo.

26 01 2008

You have a hella interesting life right there!

25 09 2008
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