Proposals & Bed Hopping: Part 1

16 01 2008

The Backstory:
I have a very tight-knit group of friends that I adore. We are the type of happy, fun, kinda juvenile, but ridiculously amazing people who make you feel right totally loved. The vast majority of us have been together since 8th grade and or beginning of high school. We know each other so very very well. Unfortunately, that means we’ve ‘history.’

A certain someone who we’ll call…. Trek… happens to be a very good friend of mine. We’ve known each other for almost 9 yrs now. A ridiculous amount of time. We weren’t really close in high school but went to the same college. We had the same major so would study together everynight for at least the first year – I’d sit up last in his dorm room til all hours watching movies and studying. He’s a bit ADD so most of the time I end up studying on my own while he bounced in and out of the room. Yea, in the end I did give him bits and pieces or stay up late helping him work on papers that should’ve been done weeks before. However, despite the frustrations and sometimes neglect, we remained friends. Sure we argued from time to time, but let’s be honest, I think in some ways (don’t you dare disagree with me) I had a lot more growing up to do than he did.

Recent Past: Holiday Break
The first Saturday back before Christmas I went out with a bunch of guy friends from this old group of mine. I may have drunk too much. Others may have drunk too much.

Trek proposed. Yes, go ahead and laugh, I know. Everyone proposes when their drunk. Done laughing? Okay good. I’ll elaborate now. Here we are, standing in the middle of the bar, just joking around with everyone as we set up a game of cricket, and Trek pulls me aside.

“Hey, do you remember when we had that talk during the beginning of college about our fears? And, we realized we have exactly the same ultimate fear?”
“You said you’re biggest fear was ending up alone. And I told you mine is too.”
“oooooh….. ok. right yea kinda.”
“So I was thinking maybe that if we’re both single still at some point, would you marry me?”

Wow. The shock. Well, initial shock. As we delved further into the discussion he reminded me that no matter what, we’ve always been there for each other. While that’s not entirely true in all senses… well, that takes another story




One response

23 01 2008
It’s my soap opera « Cassette45

[…] Trek is an old friend I’ve known forever who I have just happened to mack on a few times – including once with CL in the same bed.  Classy I know.  Don’t worry.  We found another so she could sleep without feeling too awkward.  (considering she was apparently still awake and decided to giggle instead of kick us out which wasnt awkward at all.)  A decent guy overall, but he is always surrounded by girl drama of his own making. […]

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