Proposals & Bed Hopping: Part 3

16 01 2008

Back to the Main Plot:

Anyway, so after his proposal… we talked about people, friends, sex, college, sex, friends who have sex, work, growing up, sex… you get the drift.  My team lost the game of darts and we bought a round for the group and then ran home through the pouring rain.

Now, it was joked about on the walk to the bars that I was to be a ‘cuddlebuddy’ for the night as I was the only girl at the time.  The first bed invitation was from Trek’s best friend (innocent cuddling, of course, as he has the most adorable girlfriend). However, Trek talked him into letting me stay the night with him. Poor boy, he was the only one who knew of the :::cough::: ‘arrangement’ between Trek & I and also was probably well aware of what was gonna go down.*

So bouncing from bed to bed for a while just chatting with people starting to tuck in at the guys’ place had Trek pulling me aside to verify that, “we are still on for tonight, right?” …makes it sound like more than innocent snuggling with a friend, right? Eh well, yes it was. We messed around a bit – but no sex thank you v.much – he’s still just a friend. By 5am I was exhausted, turned over and passed out.

*This isn’t the first time Trek and I have messed around. 2nd year at college we did, twice – that whole friends-w/-benefits type.


Few days later I’m at a bar in the middle of bumblefuck with friends… The girls in the know started to tease about Trek and about …well, the others I’ve macked on. Strong drinks, darts, classic 80s music, and I’m blackedout. I remember crashing back at Prom’s parents house because I had the option between cuddling up with my ever-admirer, geekboy Digi on floor pillows or with Armstrong and friends on the sofa mattress.  Obvi, I chose the mattress.  Unfortunately, as all (except Armstrong) know, I’m apparently shit at cuddling bc I can never leave it just at that.  FOR THE RECORD:  he kissed me.  Still though, just kissing and chatting until 5am prolly isn’t the most…er… appropriate thing when he’s got one of your best friends wrapped up (zonked out) in his other arm.  Sound familiar??? Anyone? Anyone? CL?

UPDATE:  Picture highlights show a flirty Grace chatting up the Sober DD: Armstrong, dancing to Living on a Prayer, and winning at darts (losing with pride!) How did I not know he was SOBER?!?!?! Still, he kissed me first. I take no fault. 😉




2 responses

17 01 2008

oh maaaaaaaaaan. yes i do remember (the scene of the crime is what makes it the best, doncha think?)

18 01 2008

hey, it was the only open bed! well, until we found your brother’s. 😉

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