One Off

16 01 2008

I just arrived back into the snowy weather Monday afternoon after a long weekend spent with the folks on vacation down in Phoenix. My parents are wonderful. They have got to be the most accomadating people I have ever met. “Have you seen the fitness center? Go use the spa. Tee time at 2! Want to try the Segway tour? Let’s order in!” Love them. Miss them. Am incredibly jealous that they’re all still there.

I’m back at work. El sucko.

Just have to share this with you because I love it so much. Last night my roomie (who needs a name on here) and I went out for drinks to celebrate a successful 2wk of work for her and topnotch 6th month work review for me. One of our many topics of discussion was Indie who happened to txt me while we were in the midst of a heated game of pool. This brought around chatting about the guy and our theory on One Off

The Scientifically Accurate Measurement of Humor

You know when you meet someone whose humor matches your’s so perfectly it’s like the planets aligned? Swear to god, it is soooo hard to find someone who you are just always on the same level as in sense of humor.

Well, roomie has NB still sitting 5hrs away sending flowers from time to time for no good reason. But after new years, she also has a Photographer chasing her down. She was telling me of how she and P just never stop laughing – it’s like they’re on the same wavelength. However, as much as she likes NB, there are a lot of times where they just don’t get the humor of their opposite. We call this “One Off” – they get along so well but their sense of humor is just one off and that makes it less… anything.

Makes ya think.

My Top 3 “Makes Him Attractive” are (in order): Sense of Humor, Confidence, & Taste/Passion/Interest in Music

Hence, why Indie stays in the back of my mind. His sarcastic, cheesy, sometimes juvenile humor fits with my own. He has the same type of self-deprecating humor that I do. We’re on the same wavelength

For Example: We had joked about him joining me in Phoenix to get out of this shitcold weather.
Grace: “so flight leaves in 2hrs. are you packed yet?”
Indie: “all I need is you baby.”

It’s that kind of silly cheesy humor that makes me laugh.  Everyday he starts our msging convos with “hey baby/darling/sweetheart/muffin” (I drew the line at babycakes) because he knows I’ll being cracking up in my little cube while pretending to read yet another contract. 

Everything about our humor it is random.  But I love it.  It’s better than having to explain every last comment bc your other didn’t get it.  Now I just need to find someone like that who just isn’t, well, him.




3 responses

16 01 2008

I love guys with similar humor 🙂 It makes me smile!!

17 01 2008

cor blimey… I’m a little confused after reading the last 4 posts… so who fancies who again? It’s like watching a soap opera, you need to watch if for a bit to get what is going on.

18 01 2008

My boy and I have the same whacked out sense of humour. He makes me laugh like nobody else can and THAT is pure aphrodisiac to me.

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