9 01 2008

An old friend called this afternoon.  She said she had been going through old yearbooks, saw my “friends forever” type scribble and wondered “what ever happened to us?”  May and I were best friends for a few years of high school but haven’t stayed in touch.  It was no big deal to me.  She’s loud, a bit crazy and definitely all over the place.  I was ready for low maintenance friendships.  We both moved on. 

Well, as I was working hard all day, I promised to call her after my workout that night, and we could catchup.  We did.  It was awkward.

 I agree with that school of thought that “it’s only awkward if you make it awkward” but believe me, it couldn’t get much worse.  It’s not like nothing has happened in the last 3.5 years.  None of it sounded interesting.  Usually I can get any conversation going with chat about our study aboard experiences.  She went to Australia and I did London.  I just didn’t care.  Nor did she.   My job wasn’t important, her internship wasn’t, her bf, her friends, my friends, music, cities… nothing.

Crazy how people change.  Looking back, I really thought the world of her for a while.  She seemed so balanced  – with school, friends, the slew of boyfriends, job – that I envied her.  She wasn’t balanced though. I can see that now.  None of us were in high school and I doubt any of us are yet.

So while I’ve moved on, I can’t help but think about class reunions.  I’ll be honest and say I’m really not sure how many people in my current retained friendships will actually attend.  But part of me has always wanted to go back.  10yr reunion.  When I’ll be successful and wear beautiful clothes and drag along my handsome, hilarious husband… and we’ll talk about our careers and lives and country club/art museum memberships and political affliations… Maybe I’ll even give a speech (bc I’ll be the most gorgeous, successful and affluential public speaker there)  It’ll be wonderful.

Have you / Would you go to your 10/15/20 yr high school class reunion?  To show them all up? or just be pleasant and reconnect?  Am I crazy to want to shove it* all in their faces?

*and by ‘it’ I mean all the accomplishments I’ve yet to accumulate. 




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9 01 2008

Yes friendships are just alive in the hearts if they were so strong……….but, still may be tis world’s pace never let’s it to be alive the way it was and the way it should be….
But may be it’s worth in our hearts b’coz it’s been forgotten somehow and a glimpse of somethin brought it alive withn the same intensity atleast in our hearts.

9 01 2008

It’s interesting how friendships can come and go. Some friends who you think you will be good friends for ever, can just suddenly drift away especially if circumstances change.

I had a close friend in my school years but we drifted apart and ended up just meeting up for the odd drink at Christmas and such like, but we kind of new we had both moved on with our lives and it was quite acceptable. I just assumed we would gradually see less and less of each other, but then circumstances changed and we are now perhaps even closer friends than we ever have been.

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