Allergic to Everything

9 01 2008

Well, not quite.


Don’t much mind the teasing. It’s only natural really.  I mean really, sometimes I think I should live in a bubble.  It be a total turnoff at the bars though.

But I’m gonna whinge anyways so deal with it.

Let’s see… well… I’m allergic to:

  • Cats (it’s cool; they’re the devil anyway)
  • Pine trees (fake xmas trees only please!)
  • Birch trees
  • Oak trees
  • Maple trees
  • Actually all trees pretty much
  • Fresh cut grass (never got me outa mowing the lawn though)
  • Pollen
  • All Nuts (… you done? Believe me, I’ve heard it a million times)
  • Sunflower (that sun.oil is in EVERYTHING these days)
  • Fresh fruit & Fresh veggies (it’s a protein in their skin so they gotta all be skinned & cooked)
  • Peas
    …something else. I can never keep track of it all.

Plus I’m lactose intolerant and trying a vegetarian diet.  Crazy I know, as meat is one of the few things I can eat without breaking out in hives.  But eh.  Lately though I just miss fruit.  Fresh pineapple.  mmm.  Apples.  Oranges.  Kiwi.  You don’t even know how lucky you are.

So if I start whining about how much I miss fruit.  Please take a moment, picture me like this:
via Wired’s Sad Story of ‘Boy in the Bubble’

Laugh to yourself, and then just nod and look sympathetic.




One response

11 01 2008

That sounds horrible! This post will make me think a little harder before I whine.

Of course, I am allergic to Vicodine, codeine, and all of those amazing pain-reducing drugs. That pretty much leaves me sobbing after surgeries. Aspirin can only get you so far!


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