NB Part 3 – the end

8 01 2008

Jump ahead 2 months, roomie has visited NB twice.  They’re anti-relationship bc of the 5hr drive (hence the ‘NotBoyfriend’), but they sure as hell act like a couple deep in infatuation.

It’s December.  NB shows up on the doorstep.  Roomie walks the stage and gets diploma to much fanfare. I chill with all the family as much as possible until I’m left with just the 2 of ‘em.  NB would be staying until Thursday.  Ok, Saturday to Thursday.  Not bad.  I’m a little surprised perhaps but I can handle it.  I just don’t see them doing well.  That much time together – remember they’re both done with classes and not working – would really be too much for me.

They invite me to join them every night, whether out to the bars or in to watch a movie.  I make other plans, specifically with CL, for some of those.  However, I join up for a few of the movies… mistake.

Who would’ve thought Anchorman could lose the funny?

It’s true.  Anchorman bored me, Stardust was less magical and Batman Begins did nothing for me.  How sad.

The problem of course was the couple.  Ignore them.  Sure good advice.  But when you’re in the lazyboy and they’re sprawled out on top of each other on the couch… it’s a bit difficult to ignore.  I’d have left right away but their position kinda migrated to that over the course of the movie.  Plus, our apt, our living rm, my movies.  So I became deeply involved in the cabled sweater I keep putting off and made a historical attempt at avoidance and ignorance.

The kissing, cuddling, chatting, snuggling, teasing, was all definitely appropriate if it was just them… but I was invited to be present!  Ew.  Too much.

However, I’m pretty tolerant and would normally let this sort of shit fly.  Except when it interferes with me.  He drank up my Smithwicks, ate my food, my chocolate, and (with roomie’s help) left enough dishes randomly about the place molding that there were no clean ones except for the bowl, cup, and 2 plates I managed to covet and wash ridiculously.

On Thursday, roomie is busy preparing information for a possible interview and NB wanders into my room where I’m busy downing embarrassing amounts of Strongbow and getting all liquored up while wrapping xmas presents… yes, alone.  He was liquor chatty too and explained that sometime, oh around Monday, they had decided he was actually gonna stay through Sunday.

Save me.

In conclusion:
I love guests.  Really.  But PLEASE ask when you want something, replace what you use, clean up after yourself.  Much of this also applies to roomie who left the apt in that disastrous state for all of Christmas.  I’m not that picky, but roomie is.  If you’re gonna make me live up to a standard of cleanliness, you better do it too.

and don’t fuck up my Anchorman time


Ok. Rant Done.




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