NB Saga Part 2

6 01 2008

Then one day, we decided to throw another party.  We love our apt, and our apt loves parties.  Roomie thought it’d be topnotch to invite her sis, her sister’s bf, and NB.  They all go to the same school so why not?  It was… fun…  I was in the midst of SCE at the time and really cared less what they chose to do.  SCE spent the night with me, NB with roomie, and the other 2 took the living room.  Pretty decent arrangement, right?  Well I got bored & pissed by SCE ½ through the night, turned over and passed out.  The next morning was a bit awkward.  Well, granted he’s a little bit socially awkward to begin with, but I should take some credit for the morning after too.  He left around 8, some 2 hours after I woke and then laid awake wishing he would leave so I could have the big comfy bed to myself.  Selfish much?

The rest of the crowd rose at 10 and mucho teasing and “where’s SCE? Isn’t he coming to brunch?” left me to wishing I was back in bed.  I’m alright with being the 3rd Wheel, but, as a rule, I avoid the 5th Wheel at all costs.

  • In a 3rd situation – the couple is bound to be well aware of your presence and all decent people try hard not to make you feel uncomfortable.  Sure they lean into each other and his arm around her shoulders or waist but they don’t chatter just between them.  They don’t forget you’re there.  It’s not a date, it’s just hanging out.  Right?
  • In a 5th situation – when 2 couples get together it’s like they’re on a double date.  They look to each other for the proper manner in which to act.  In other words, if it’s okay for one couple to spend a few minutes ignoring everyone and flirtingly banter nose to nose with kisses mixed in, then obviously that behavior is acceptable.  Soon couple#2 is acting similarly.  Basically, the 2 couples get so caught up in being in a group yet having “couple time” that the 5th Wheel becomes Miss/Mr Invisible.  Tons of fun.  I totally promise.

Needless to say I coined a phrase that weekend:  “need a placeholder”  While the rest of everyone is off in lalalacoupleland, I’m bored and wishing I had someone to chat with too.  Physicality not important.  Just someone to keep me entertained while they’re otherwise occupied.  No one in particular is necessary, although I sure wouldn’t mind a Penn Badgley or James McAvoy.




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