NB Part 1

4 01 2008

(Not the saga I promised but another. We’ll get back to that ‘christmastime’ one someday.)

Alright, I’ve thought long and hard about this: my roomie and the NotBoyfriend (NB). I put off the writing because, well, I suppose part of me wanted to make sure that I am/was not being the unreasonable one. Good news kids, it’s not me.

coffeeThe love story began wonderfully in a coffee shop 5 hours away. Roomie was there for the weekend to visit her sister at college. After bumming around the quaint little college town, they decided to stop off at little place for 2 coffees and a brownie to split. The guy behind the register was good looking and joked a little with Roomie before she and her sis went outside to sit by the water and enjoy their lunch. Over an hour later they realized that the brownie had never shown up. After a bit of big sis pouting, roomie dropped back into the shop to see if they could still have it. The shopboy looks up surprised and apologizes profusely for his forgetfulness. He engages her in conversation. Soon she has invited him back to her sister’s scheduled bonfire that night. She leaves. Work ends. 10pm: He rides up majestically on his steed, er, motorcycle.

It’s like one of those sickeningly cute rl versions of a Disney princess movie. They hang out all wkend… lalala fucking wonderful.

Anyway, they keep in touch.  An email here, phone call there… Soon it’s snail mail randomly, constant texting, everyday emails, and the nightly 2hour phone call.

At first, I welcomed the break from her somewhat judgmental eye.  Then I got a little lonely.  After all, that 2hr time slot he chose used to be my only time with her between my job and her homework.  Alright, nbd.  So I spend much less time just hanging out with my friend.  I can handle it.

to be continued…




2 responses

7 01 2008

now come now, would you rather have a boyfriend or get drunk with me on the weekends??? tough choice, je sais.

speaking of, plz come up for my bday….the thought of turning 22 is nothing short of scary

7 01 2008
NB Saga Part 2 « Cassette45

[…] apt loves parties.  Roomie thought it’d be topnotch to invite her sis, her sister’s bf, and NB.  They all go to the same school so why not?  It was… fun…  I was in the midst of SCE at the […]

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