19 12 2007

I won!!!  Again!  Crazy lucky huh?  I think so.  Don’t get jealous; Karma will out.

The only magazine I get is Lucky which has a million sweeps and whatnot each month.  It also has a tangent site that people can share shopping loves & lusts, discuss trends and get advice.  I’ll be honest, I’m not nearly that much of a shopping whore, but I like to stop by the site from time to time to see if there’s anything good.  A few weeks back I wrote a creative piece for one of their contests and my entry was one of 3 chosen!  Hell yea.  I knew I picked a good career.  Anyway… so I just got the envelope in the mail… and I’m officially $500 richer!  The holidays can’t get me down now!

Ok, you can feel a little jealous right now.

That’s enough.

Well I know I promised an update on the Roomie & NotBoyfriend (NB) situation but I’m a bit bogged down with work and holiday stuff at the moment.  Maybe I’ll have a chance tonight.

in the meantime….
This comedy writer will leave you giggling in your cubicle wondering how the fuck you didn’t find her sooner (like me!) She a hollywood writer… yea currently participating in the strike.  Things I’ve Bought that I Love adoringly details some of her best style finds. Her words sound like my inner voice as I debate over those Dolce Vita gray boots or that Marc New York coat. Have a taste:
“This winter and spring I wore all sorts of amazing frocks… Airy patterned dresses with a cool shapeless shape that girls loved and guys were like ‘Why the fuck are you wearing that pillowcase?’”




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21 12 2007

That’s amazing!

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