Tow Away Zone

15 12 2007

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning!  The snow is light and heavenly.  I’ve already been out for a walk just before 7am.  I’m not usually this early of a riser on weekends but last night I was too lazy to search for a nontow-away parking spot eons from my apt after meeting up with WiscoBlonde.  Towing started at 8, and I’m laughing my ass off at all those losers just now running outside to find their cars missing…  sucks to be you!


Earlier this week, Wisco told me she’d be in the city last night to see MG.  We met up at the new restaurant just after 10 and talked til midnight – round abouts when MG got off work.  I had a fantastic time!  First of all, the place is AMAZING.  Everyone is a friend there. Love the atmosphere and everything about it.  I will definitely be going there often.

Secondly – Wisco is awesome! I’ll be honest I was a little nervous!  It’s one of those situations where you feel like you know someone soo well but in reality you don’t know them at all.  I could imagine what she was like, just as I can imagine you all in real life, but how close to the truth would it be? She is exactly how I figured:  super friendly, talkative, gets on with everyone.  She knew all the bar staff and joked with just about everyone there. My personal favorites were the old bartender who told dirty (and notsodirty) jokes and the storytelling, salt throwing tall waiter.

It was great to actually meet in person and talk about all sorts of random shit. We talked a lot about MG – and she was right; he wasn’t exactly what I expected. However, I have to put in my 2cents. I hung around with them for a little bit after MG got off work (thanks for the beer!) and observing the two of them together… It just works. Their personalities complement each other so well. I’ll cross my fingers for this one!

Well, I’m off. Roomie graduates tomorrow and, as her notboyfriend is coming to stay, we have to scour the apt. Hopefully cleaning will end sometime before dinner! I need some groceries, and I am dead sick of pb&j.

In Conclusion:

  • Move your car if you park in a tow-away zone
  • Love WiscoBlonde! (ps – let me know if you’re ever back in the city!)
  • Roomie’s NotBoyfriend is staying until thursday… could be fun? I’ll whinge later this wk.



3 responses

17 12 2007

Didn’t I tell you she was fabulous! Gald you had a a good time. And yes, her and MG, while not something expected, just work together! It’s great!

18 12 2007

Augh! These snow posts are getting to be too much! I’m begging for snow when I go back home for Christmas!

Towing. Sucks.

18 12 2007

I love you too! I might be down Thursday!! Perhaps I can buy you a whiskey drink (and by whiskey I mean anything but whiskey really).

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