11 12 2007


I’ve been slowly moving all my old posts over from my former blog.  Funny how you can look back and see a memory a completely different way.  They never seem that important or upsetting or exciting a year later as they did when I wrote.  crazyness.

Today is a snow&ice storm warning. I’m not sure why they’re warning us since it’s Obviously already snowing hardcore.  460 schools and businesses in the area are closed.  Not mine!  I’m wishing I called in sick and went sledding instead. boo.

Have any of you called in sick to do something fun? Please say yes!


I’m bored so I’m gonna write more.  I know you’ve all heard this song a million times.  The radio was playing it on the way to work this morning.  With all the snow it just made me want to go home and curl up in bed buried under all my blankets. How wonderful.

As allie says,  “CL and i said it sounds like an orgasm “it starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose…” haha”




6 responses

11 12 2007

have not. although my high school is closed today, funny how it never really happened when i went there…i think you should feign being sick at lunchtime and run home!

11 12 2007

Where was your old blog? WordPress can import posts from blogger and I think livejournal too!

11 12 2007

CL – sounds tempting. i just might run away after i go to lunch. my boss didnt come in. no one would prolly even notice.

Lisa – my old blog was also on wordpress and i tried and failed to import from one wp to another so I gave up. Luckily i’m almost done. it’s good this way. I get to read through the old ones and censor them a bit since i now have a few people i know reading thru

12 12 2007

This is completely unrelated to you post, but I’ve got a question for you about Milwaukee….can you shoot me an email? wiscoblonde@gmail.com

12 12 2007

Snow and ice storm warning here in Chicago too. Blah. I’m not really a fan of falling every time I walk out the door.

13 12 2007

I love that picture of the kid on the sled! Great find!

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