7 12 2007

Watch it. It’s short.  I think it’s a great ad. It really pulls the attention, isn’t dull, and fits EXACTLY what the majority of voters are desperately seeking:  an honest & outspoken candidate. 

Whether or not you like Obama or aren’t paying attention to the campaign yet… I personally think that this is important.  I have been following the campaign for a while.  HillaryHating aside, I don’t think there are really many great candidates for the job.  Right now, Obama seems our best bet.  True he doesn’t have a lot of experience.  But then again, perhaps that’s a benefit.  He would come into office with a fresh look at things – not as tied to tradition and “thats just the way things are” as others in the race.

We’re at a crucial point right now in world politics.  We need to strengthen the bonds and alliances we have, reaffirm our position as “superpower” and use our intelligence and our resources to not only pull ourselves out of debt, but also further help and develop 3rd nations. 

I feel that Obama may not stand on the same side of some issues as I do.  However, he seems to have a more open understanding of people.  He is more approachable and kind than most of the other candidates.  He isn’t ColdAsIce* as Hillary, as distant as most of the republicans or as scarycrazy as Giuliani.  I think Obama is ready to tackle the issues most important to our community.

and I’ve been republican (by choice, not by family) for years… It’s time for a change.  Right now, I think he’s the best person to do it.


*that’s right, i said it.




4 responses

7 12 2007

Wow, that was a great ad. Teddy Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents ever, arguably the greatest of the 19th century, and was only 42 years old. Experience is nice, but is not needed, Obama will make a great president.

8 12 2007

That was certainly inspiring.

He’s definitely had my vote before this, but this reassures me.

I just hope our boy can pull through.

8 12 2007

ooooh… she’s a democrat now!

welcome to the dark side, dear!

10 12 2007

i’m not a dem! i just can’t call myself conservative anymore.

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