First Real Snowfall

4 12 2007

Oh man. Leave for 4 days and there’s a lot of catching up to do.  I only missed one day of work. How much work do I have to do right now, this very minute? Only about a weeks worth.  Shouldn’t have made us come in the day after the Christmas party!  I, for one, worked at about a 25% productivity.  That’s right. The presentation that should’ve taken me a few hours at most to put together took ALL DAY.  Or rather, I made it last all day.  Boss was way too perky.

Now I only have:

  • 100 emails to read and respond to,

  • 368 posts on my Reader (why do I read so many?)

  • 8 msgs on fb to respond

  • And of course several albums of pictures to stalk from those who went overseas and demand comments… I’ll get to it all I promise.

Just let me finish my REAL work first.  And order some boots for the snow.  I slipped on the ice yesterday and fell on my ass. I’m intensely bruised this morning.  Surprisingly, still loving the snow&ice. 

What’s not to love?  It’s kinda funny to think about.

  • Where else do you hear:  “It’s beautiful out today.  Warmer too. Did you see we might get up to 36°F?”

  • Slipped & swerved the whole way home from visiting the girls and decided the roads were pretty bad, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

  • Pushing out the family car 2x when we got stuck in the 6inches of snow on Saturday night.  My brother slipped 3 times which sparked a minor snowball fight and culminated in a massive snowman build.




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