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20 12 2007

 So I meant to be writing a rather scathing report of my last, oh… 5 days spent sharing this darling apartment with my Roomie +1.  However, I just finished downing 2 strongbows and watching Stardust.  So I guess roomie+1 are off for the night.

“Ever try to get bloodstains out of a silk shirt? Nightmare.”

Stardust is wonderful. Magical.  Hilarious.  Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro…  all led by the ever to-die-for gorgeous man:  Charlie Cox.  Don’t let his first looks put you off.  He gets better looking.  Promise. (only guy I’ve actually liked with longer hair.) Actually don’t let your first impression of the film put you off.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Pfeiffer looks amazing as always.  After seeing her ‘new youth’ complete with sparkling strands of hair, I think I’d rather like to try that once.  I doubt it’d seem trashy or 13 going on thirty.   Robert De Niro takes the cake.  He fills the role so well, but definitely a see it to believe it.

The whole movie has an air of a Grimm fairytale although told with enough humor to lose some of the ‘dark’

Anyhow.  It’s appropiately fantastical and rather heartwarming.  The perfect movie for a night in alone spent working on presents and reliving a bit of childhood.

love love. maybe i’ll pull out my old copy of LOTR again….



19 12 2007

Dear Person Who Works for my Company,
We’d like to propose you for a possible job that we are going for. The proposal piece is due this week Thursday. I noticed that your in house resume is missing. Could you please forward?
Office Bitch

Dear Office Bitch,
I sent that resume to your predecessor way back in January. Here’s what I sent: (Attachment)
Yours truly,
Person Who Works for my Company


Dear PWWfmC,
Actually we require your In House resume – project specific and the likes – not your careerwide resume. I’ve attached some samples of other resumes. As you can see, they’re pretty basic. If you could just draw up a short list of some of the most important projects you’ve worked on over your career, I can make it sound pretty.
Please hurry,
Office Bitch


Dear PWWfmC,
Did you get my voicemail? You must be in a meeting. Please send me your list as soon as you can. The rest of the proposal is done, printed and ready to send.
Please hurry,
Office Bitch


Dear PWWfmC,
Did you fall off the freaking earth???
Office Bitch



Dear Asshole,
I hate you,
Office Bitch




god i could use a beer.


19 12 2007

I won!!!  Again!  Crazy lucky huh?  I think so.  Don’t get jealous; Karma will out.

The only magazine I get is Lucky which has a million sweeps and whatnot each month.  It also has a tangent site that people can share shopping loves & lusts, discuss trends and get advice.  I’ll be honest, I’m not nearly that much of a shopping whore, but I like to stop by the site from time to time to see if there’s anything good.  A few weeks back I wrote a creative piece for one of their contests and my entry was one of 3 chosen!  Hell yea.  I knew I picked a good career.  Anyway… so I just got the envelope in the mail… and I’m officially $500 richer!  The holidays can’t get me down now!

Ok, you can feel a little jealous right now.

That’s enough.

Well I know I promised an update on the Roomie & NotBoyfriend (NB) situation but I’m a bit bogged down with work and holiday stuff at the moment.  Maybe I’ll have a chance tonight.

in the meantime….
This comedy writer will leave you giggling in your cubicle wondering how the fuck you didn’t find her sooner (like me!) She a hollywood writer… yea currently participating in the strike.  Things I’ve Bought that I Love adoringly details some of her best style finds. Her words sound like my inner voice as I debate over those Dolce Vita gray boots or that Marc New York coat. Have a taste:
“This winter and spring I wore all sorts of amazing frocks… Airy patterned dresses with a cool shapeless shape that girls loved and guys were like ‘Why the fuck are you wearing that pillowcase?’”

Tow Away Zone

15 12 2007

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning!  The snow is light and heavenly.  I’ve already been out for a walk just before 7am.  I’m not usually this early of a riser on weekends but last night I was too lazy to search for a nontow-away parking spot eons from my apt after meeting up with WiscoBlonde.  Towing started at 8, and I’m laughing my ass off at all those losers just now running outside to find their cars missing…  sucks to be you!


Earlier this week, Wisco told me she’d be in the city last night to see MG.  We met up at the new restaurant just after 10 and talked til midnight – round abouts when MG got off work.  I had a fantastic time!  First of all, the place is AMAZING.  Everyone is a friend there. Love the atmosphere and everything about it.  I will definitely be going there often.

Secondly – Wisco is awesome! I’ll be honest I was a little nervous!  It’s one of those situations where you feel like you know someone soo well but in reality you don’t know them at all.  I could imagine what she was like, just as I can imagine you all in real life, but how close to the truth would it be? She is exactly how I figured:  super friendly, talkative, gets on with everyone.  She knew all the bar staff and joked with just about everyone there. My personal favorites were the old bartender who told dirty (and notsodirty) jokes and the storytelling, salt throwing tall waiter.

It was great to actually meet in person and talk about all sorts of random shit. We talked a lot about MG – and she was right; he wasn’t exactly what I expected. However, I have to put in my 2cents. I hung around with them for a little bit after MG got off work (thanks for the beer!) and observing the two of them together… It just works. Their personalities complement each other so well. I’ll cross my fingers for this one!

Well, I’m off. Roomie graduates tomorrow and, as her notboyfriend is coming to stay, we have to scour the apt. Hopefully cleaning will end sometime before dinner! I need some groceries, and I am dead sick of pb&j.

In Conclusion:

  • Move your car if you park in a tow-away zone
  • Love WiscoBlonde! (ps – let me know if you’re ever back in the city!)
  • Roomie’s NotBoyfriend is staying until thursday… could be fun? I’ll whinge later this wk.

Free at Last

14 12 2007

Good News Kids. I’ve spoken to IndieGuy a few more times without heartflutters & whatnot. Just friends joking around. I have missed talking to him. It’s nice to just be friends again.

To explain a little – this is the kid I fell for 2 summers ago. Allie has been …impatiently… praying for me to get over him ever since. We only went out on a 2 dates. My lack of uber excited posts of these spectacular moments just shows I had no time for computers when Indie and I worked together.


Ok so I just wrote a super long pretty post all about the whole past situation. However, it’s not really necessary so I deleted it. The reason I was nervous about talking to Indie again was because I realized I couldn’t be trusted to be able to flirt and walk away knowing that, whether by choice, rejection, or distance, we could never actually date.

The difficulty is that there are very few people who I feel I can truly relate to on another level. When I find someone who can make me cry laughing, it’s hard to let go. Indie and I have just always connected so perfectly with conversation. I haven’t ever so completely enjoyed just being with someone before. However, we never really got past the flirting stage. Even though I haven’t seen him more than 2x since that summer, we fall back into that same mode of joking around and whatnot over the phone.

Hence why I drove my ex-roomies crazy when I wasn’t interested in any other guys or got bored with them too fast (like Patriots) because I was still so stuck on having fun with him.

BUT all is good. We can joke around and be friends without me wondering “if” Happy day! That’s such a good feeling.


11 12 2007


I’ve been slowly moving all my old posts over from my former blog.  Funny how you can look back and see a memory a completely different way.  They never seem that important or upsetting or exciting a year later as they did when I wrote.  crazyness.

Today is a snow&ice storm warning. I’m not sure why they’re warning us since it’s Obviously already snowing hardcore.  460 schools and businesses in the area are closed.  Not mine!  I’m wishing I called in sick and went sledding instead. boo.

Have any of you called in sick to do something fun? Please say yes!


I’m bored so I’m gonna write more.  I know you’ve all heard this song a million times.  The radio was playing it on the way to work this morning.  With all the snow it just made me want to go home and curl up in bed buried under all my blankets. How wonderful.

As allie says,  “CL and i said it sounds like an orgasm “it starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose…” haha”

It all started off innocently enough…

10 12 2007

tpcI im-ed IndieGuy to find out how his trip to Italy went. We haven’t talked in months, and I thought this would be a good topic. He’s sitting in class. I’m at work. What have I been doing for the last 3 hours??? dicking around multitasking & chatting with allie, une fille, & Indie.

All in all, it was an excellent conversation. We talked about his trip, compared places visited, discussed future travels… 2hrs later I found a bit of a lull in the conversation and decided to get some work done. He started talking again around 11 and wouldn’t bug off. He talked up the usual naughty bit “fucking is always appropriate in an office setting …what, what?” and made me crack up. We joked about my newfound career as office computer expert*… “so u get passed around the office a lot?” I’d like to say I’m too mature to find something like that humorous, wait no, I’m totally okay with that. He’s fucking hilarious!

So if the conversation was so great, why can’t I close the box? It’s sitting open on my screen even though I told him I was leaving for lunch. (I already ate.) It’s not a crush. I swear! It’s just the remnants of an old crush I’m just not ready to let go of yet.

*He’s studying software and is an absolute genius with comps

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