Le Tired

28 11 2007

Just a quick note of observation:

The lights in my office building are motion sensitive.  If you, for some crazy reason, were still in the building working diligently at 5:30pm, they flick off.  Several jumping jacks in front of the sensor turns those babies right back on.

 However, if you’re still working at 6pm, no amount of leaping & prancing will make any difference.  Instead, you must reluctantly turn off your computer and, carefully walking with your hands out in front of you, move toward the single red exit light all the way down the hall.

fucking hell. I ran into 2walls. First my cube, then the corner leading into the lobby. *tear* I hurt. boo.




3 responses

28 11 2007

It seems like your workplace is trying to squash productivity…that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while! You should keep a flashlight in your work bag!

28 11 2007

rebel and leave after the first flicker!

28 11 2007

An excuse to leave at 5:30 on the DOT! I love it!!

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