Holiday Recap: TDay

27 11 2007

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late, so my apologies for not writing (that’s for you CL). First there was that fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday, which was mucho relaxing. Then there was the drive back home to my apt unhindered by the blinding snow I had on the trip to my parents’ house. Several stressful days of work later… I’ll be honest, when you spend 9hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen, it’s very difficult to want to pull out my laptop and blog when I get home.

I haven’t the energy to recap the whole weekend. Here are the basics:

August Rush –This is a MUSTSEE! The little boy played by Freddie Highmore is adorable. I want to adopt him at once. The music, oh the music! It is incredible!!! It just sweeps you off your feet and rolls over you. You can’t help but completely lose yourself in it. Little cheesy but in a magical way. I’m currently looking for the soundtrack….

Hanging out on campus avec my guys. By the time I got there all the girls had left but hey, I’ve always (ok, almost always) enjoyed the company of these crazy kids.

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: A family movie
This year we went to see Bee Movie – that one that’s being ridiculously over-advertised by Jerry Seinfeld. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been much of a Seinfeld fan. He’s funny enough but definitely not addictive. The movie was… cute? I sat with my 2yr old niece which made it far more interesting for me. You could miss seeing it.

Thanksgiving Dinner a la végétarien pour moi – Thanks mom!

A little selfish holiday shopping followed by a surprise birthday party for an old friend. She finally turned 21! We started out the night at a friends and after much argueing, we pulled the guys from their wii and left for the bars. My darling little sister played DD all night for us. I owe her big.

LilSis was “introduced to society” as a debutante then on Saturday. Wow. What better way to feel like an old lady than wear your LBD to a Charity Ball overrun with highschoolers. As most of the friends she had invited are complete bitchy little things I want to murder, I was somewhat pleased very few could come. She was not which is completely understandable. How can you invite 10 girls to a free dinner + dance + opportunity to wear your prom dress again and have them say NO??? It’s all due to that one horrible little brat that no one likes but can’t seem to ditch that drinks like crazy and has screwed half the boys at her high school. Damn her.

Then babysitting my niece for a few hours while her mom & dad went to see August Rush (I seriously highly recommend it!). Apparently he cried. What? I didn’t think it was a tearjerker but….

And that’s that for the weekend. I’ll write up again soon. Promise. Maybe I’ll even have something interesting to say.




2 responses

27 11 2007

Ooooh… the ol’ “pulling the guys off the wii” argument. That’s a standard around my house.

“Just 5 more mins, ladies! PLEASE!”

28 11 2007

Forgiven! I understand how you’re not a college co-ed anymore thus you actually have real work to do. I did enjoy the post, and will drag someone to this movie you speak so highly of.

What a little junkie twat friend. Deb balls are fab, I was just never cool enough to participate. Free food, dressing up? YES! And work that LBD! I’m gonna get myself one.

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