“Well, you can always crash here…”

17 11 2007

Last night started off a little slow at the apt, but by 10pm M and I were 3shots in and in ridiculous fits of giggles.  We went to a bar on campus figuring we might run into a few friends.  Txtd a friend of ours who we’ve known since we were kids.  JL is hilarious and a ton of fun.  President of his frat, he knows everyone and everyone knows him.  That’s what I love about him; he’s always up for a good time.  He’s also how I met SecondChance E (SCE)… They’ve been best friends forever, which is why I txtd SCE to invite him out with us.  Unfortunately he was across town (actually on my side of town) and couldn’t.

Several very expensive rounds of drinks and pool later…. and I’m down $70 for the night.  I did remember to close my tab though which says a lot considering the state I was in.  And then it was home and crawling into bed for the night.

Who calls? The one and only SCE.  Who convinces him he is prolly to drunk to ride his motorcycle back?  And offers her apt for him to crash? And then her bed? no no couldn’t possibly be me.

I’m not gonna get into details, but uh, it was a good night. I’m a little tired this morning.  What better way to recover than watch Saturday morning cartoons, catchup on my blogroll and chug obscene amounts of water.

So I guess I might be seeing more of SCE.  Maybe.  Otherwise, I guess I always have a FWB.

Personal Victories:
1. Didn’t makeout with a random at the bar
2. Hung up my keys! (hey I’m proud!)



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17 11 2007

I think my best “we should hook up” line was when a friend of mine was in from out of town and planning to crash on my futon. After a night of drunken fun I told him…”Well you’re probably too tall to sleep on the futon comfortably, right? You should probably stay in my bed…” In my defense he was 6’5″!!!!

17 11 2007

Oooooh $70 bar night! Been there before, sister. Maybe those “couple shots” before should have been “a couple MORE”.

No details?? No details!? What a cliffhanger!

I dunno if I would consider not making out with a stranger a victory. That’s a GREAT victory! Think of all the blogging potential!

23 01 2008
It’s my soap opera « Cassette45

[…] SecondChance E and GreekD were both friends of friends who I just happened to makeout with… leading down roads too often traveled.  SCE was a pretty great guy overall but nothing there.  GreekD was just an ass who loooves his booty calls.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice (each) shame on me. […]

7 03 2008
Remember SCE? « Cassette45

[…] Needing a bit of a pick-me-up, Roomie & I decided to check out the local comedy cafe for some standup that night. We called a few of our favorites but only one other person was interested in going along. SCE. […]

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