Shoes Lust

15 11 2007

Watching yet another delicious episode of Gossip Girl has me in the shopping mood.  So I’ve decided to share some of my most recent lusts and am interested in your opinions.

I found these shoes from SJP’s Bitten line for Steve & Barry’s in the December Lucky mag and fell instantly in love.  Simple, sweet ballet flats for an disgustingly cheap price.  I went for the $15 flats in my ultimate color: peacock blue.  I came home with them in blue & black, as well as a blk rosary bead necklace, blue waffle hoodie, blk tee, and THE little black dress I have been searching for my whole life.  Be warned, these clothes look much better on you than the hanger. Try it on.  Now granted, it’s Steve & Barry’s so the material is not fancy-smancy but they are really well cut and look very very nice.  I paid only $80 for the lot.  And who says I can’t bargain shop?

Oi. Just looking at the Nine West pumps is making my feet, which have been crammed into Cole Haan slingbacks all day, hurt terribly.  I love those slingbacks.  I noticed a while back that Nike & Cole Haan have a bit of a thing going now.  This Air line sounds amazing.  Can you believe something this sexy can be super comfortable?

I’m truely hateing all my favorites sites for going flash now with their pictures. I can’t put their actual pics right here for you to see. You’ll have to check my links.  Anyway… I’m looking for the perfect spring trench. I know, it’s winter, but I really want a nice one with good clean lines in a very traditional cut.  Maybe even a bright bold jewel tone? Idk if I’m ready for that yet.  Unfortunately I’m not willing to shell out $1000 for a Burberry yet.  Anyone have any ideas? Especially ones that give a bit more room for boobs.  We’re not all young boys here.  I’ll leave that to the ANTM flock.


 I know white seems more of a summer thing, but I love the look of white in winter. It just reminds me of how spotless the snow must be somewhere, prolly at least a 30min drive out of the city. Plus, the dark strap and bold hardware bring a much heavier look to the piece.  Currently, tracking spending to see how soon I can afford this.

 Alas, my eyeballs are threatening to fall out so it’s bed for me.  Night all!  Happy shopping!

The Mary Onettes – Void (download it free)
Just Jack –
Starz In Their Eyes – Totally takes me back to dark, bass & electro filled clubs in London. lovelove