Ahmed – fucking amazing

14 11 2007

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That Guy

14 11 2007

beckSo you know that guy (or that girl, your choice) that you never dated but they wanted you soooo bad for years back in late high school or college? Yea. I had one in high school. Complete sweetheart. Here was this kid I barely knew and definitely had never had a real conversation with asking me out to Prom… Considering our lack of any previous interaction, he suggested we go out to a movie and get to know each other a little better. Thus resulting in a less than awkward Prom. Movie ends, we walk to our cars,* and he says goodbye and shakes my hand. Yes. We shook hands at the end of my very first date…. This was a very awkward beginning of a completely platonic friendship.

Excuse me while I go suck the water cooler dry…

Note to Self: Do not position mouth below water nozzle. Co-workers no like.

Well, I’ve calmed the riot from my hogging the fountain of life. Back to the story. So prom, summer, senior year, yada yada, prom again… The two of us became incredibly close friends. Incredibly close.  As in, I considered him my best friend – not that I made mention of that. NO. Pretty sure he still liked me for quite awhile. Towards the end I might’ve kinda liked him too in (what I thought at the time was) a last holdout to all things HS innocent …and off to college. We stayed in touch a bit. But my shittyassed response to “but why can’t we be together” drove us into an eventual separation of ways.

He grew up, got buff, got an amazing girlfriend of 2yrs. We got back in touch. Last night was one of those nights. Out for a beer with another friend, we spent 4hrs arguing & discussing sex, politics, sex, what’s happened to everyone since HS, oral sex, penis length, sex, my obsession for expensive handbags…

And somewhere in there I closed my eyes. And felt attracted to him. WHAT!?!? I know! So of course I immediately jerked my eyes open and realized no, no. Not him. I’m attracted to guys LIKE him, as in similar.

    Similar values,
    Great sarcastic & self-deprecating sense of humor,
    Mature with a balance of immaturity,
    Sweet but with enough mix to not make me gag
    …and of course the build isn’t bad either.

Basically him without actually being him.  Just strip away us knowing each other, have us meet, and that would be the guy. You know what? I think he influenced me. I was ruing the loss of our friendship for so long and haven’t found an appropriate guy since. WHY you ask. Because he impressed an image of ‘The Guy’ in my brain and I haven’t found someone to replace him yet.

This is what happens when you drink too much…

(ps – that’s Beckham in the picture! mmmm yum!)

*Yes I drove separate! I didn’t know him. He could’ve been a serial killer for all I knew!)