They Call You Lady Luck…

12 11 2007

I just finished an hour & a half conversation with my v.favorite MS!  She’s teaching in New Zealand for a while as a part of the ‘college experience.’  I’m loving her pictures obsessively, wishing I was running around in sexy swimsuits too instead of shopping online for winter boots. Sounds like she’s having an amazing time there. I’m incredibly jealous.

AND she said she’ll come to Vegas!!! How frickn awesome is that?! I’ve been crossingmyfingers she’d be up for it.  I mean, come on, you’re only young once!  feeling a little Sinatra coming on….

*sigh* Wish I was abroad right now. Especially now that work is such a bore and winter is coming.  I hate winter. I hate it with every atom of my body.  It’s pretty but COLD.  

But hey, now I’ve got something to look forward to! Gotta  get into Vegas-shape so I can wear pretty dresses & woo sexy men & win lots of $money$ Hmm. I think I’ll need a trip to Chicago one of these days to get wardrobe ready.  Or maybe I just need some serious time at the gym + a lot of audrey hepburn movies.

Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra




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