SecondChance E

12 11 2007

I’m a chicken when it comes to guys.  Total coward.  However, I have been working to change that… v.v.slowly.  So my roommate* M & I were going to go see an excellent concert tonight. Unfortunatly, due to her still taking classes and having to study and whatnot, she had to cancel.   

In one of my more brillantly confident moments I called SecondChanceE** on Friday to invite him in her stead.  He responded eagerly at first with a definite “that’d be awesome!” Which was followed by the explaination that he was out of the city for the weekend but should be back in time. However, he’d call later in the day after talking out driving logistics and let me know for sure.

As I’m sure you guessed, he didn’t call. I figured (and was right!) that he was too drunk to remember to call.  I waited & waited until after the game, which was a fantastic blowout!  Finally I called.  I just got off the phone with him.  He will be arriving in town far too late for the concert.  He was friendly and said I should enjoy the concert.  I’ve decided not to go as I’m just not comfortable being in that part of town alone.  boo. No date for moi.  Double boo.

*There has got to be a better way to say that.  It bothers me for some reason to call M my roomie when, in fact, she is more my apt-mate.  The brits call it ‘flatmate.’  Can I use the same term here? Despite my lack of British origin? 

**See also:  Misery Friday




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