Working in England

12 11 2007

moneyIs it economically & financially a good idea right now to move abroad to work (and take advantage of the low american dollar)?

For example:  A starting salary for teachers in Australia is over $40,000. This increases depending on region. MS said that it’s immensely higher in NZ. If it’s truly as high as she says, then it is possible she could pay off her student loans (for a private college a.k.a. $$deathly$$expensive$$) in only 2yrs.

Marketing Assistant (my current title) is btwn 25,000 & 35,000 which is similar to here in the States. However, imagine working, living, and saving whilst there. If I can save say, $2,000 in the US in a year… I could save $2,000 in England in a year… move back to the States and, crossing your fingers there isn’t a surge of the dollar, I’d have almost $4,000. Crazy!

So my question is: Would this work? Is the standard of living in, say England, the same as it is here in terms of costs. I mean if I pay $4 for a starbucksmochalattechinocoffee here in the States, will I pay £4 for the same thing in England? How about 4€ in Ireland? This is my own brain speaking… so forgive if it’s a little madhatter.  But if Logic tells me that if I’m making my money in ‘quid’ and spending it in quid, then that is equal to me making $ and spending $. Of course until I bring my leftover English earnings back to the States where it doubles into $.

Am I right? Should I move back to England?

Sure the startup costs will be a bitch and rent for a hole in the wall is insane but is it worth it?

New car, caviar, four star daydream, Think Ill buy me a football team.
Money – Pink Floyd



They Call You Lady Luck…

12 11 2007

I just finished an hour & a half conversation with my v.favorite MS!  She’s teaching in New Zealand for a while as a part of the ‘college experience.’  I’m loving her pictures obsessively, wishing I was running around in sexy swimsuits too instead of shopping online for winter boots. Sounds like she’s having an amazing time there. I’m incredibly jealous.

AND she said she’ll come to Vegas!!! How frickn awesome is that?! I’ve been crossingmyfingers she’d be up for it.  I mean, come on, you’re only young once!  feeling a little Sinatra coming on….

*sigh* Wish I was abroad right now. Especially now that work is such a bore and winter is coming.  I hate winter. I hate it with every atom of my body.  It’s pretty but COLD.  

But hey, now I’ve got something to look forward to! Gotta  get into Vegas-shape so I can wear pretty dresses & woo sexy men & win lots of $money$ Hmm. I think I’ll need a trip to Chicago one of these days to get wardrobe ready.  Or maybe I just need some serious time at the gym + a lot of audrey hepburn movies.

Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

SecondChance E

12 11 2007

I’m a chicken when it comes to guys.  Total coward.  However, I have been working to change that… v.v.slowly.  So my roommate* M & I were going to go see an excellent concert tonight. Unfortunatly, due to her still taking classes and having to study and whatnot, she had to cancel.   

In one of my more brillantly confident moments I called SecondChanceE** on Friday to invite him in her stead.  He responded eagerly at first with a definite “that’d be awesome!” Which was followed by the explaination that he was out of the city for the weekend but should be back in time. However, he’d call later in the day after talking out driving logistics and let me know for sure.

As I’m sure you guessed, he didn’t call. I figured (and was right!) that he was too drunk to remember to call.  I waited & waited until after the game, which was a fantastic blowout!  Finally I called.  I just got off the phone with him.  He will be arriving in town far too late for the concert.  He was friendly and said I should enjoy the concert.  I’ve decided not to go as I’m just not comfortable being in that part of town alone.  boo. No date for moi.  Double boo.

*There has got to be a better way to say that.  It bothers me for some reason to call M my roomie when, in fact, she is more my apt-mate.  The brits call it ‘flatmate.’  Can I use the same term here? Despite my lack of British origin? 

**See also:  Misery Friday

Question of the Week

12 11 2007

It’s the official beginning of a new week.  So it’s question time! 

I had a dream last night that invoked these memories, which incites me to ask:  What is the best line you’ve ever been given?  And what’s the worst?

For me,
Best:  “Let’s fly to Door County for dinner and fireworks! ”
Worst:  “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Unfortunately, I was not interested in either guy, but that’s not the point. *wink*