Mothers Prepare for the Worst

2 11 2007

How cute is my mom?  She’s petrified that something will happen to her or dad and will leave ‘the kids’ alone and lost and under a lot of pressure.  In fact, she’ll skip out on things – like rollercoasters, helicopter tours, and Disney rides – because that way if something bad were to happen, then at least one of our parents would survive to take care of us.  Honestly, it’s not like we’re kids anymore really.  23, 21, 17, 13… we can take care of ourselves for the most part, but she likes to be prepared. Just shows how much she loves us.

Today, she flies out with dad to Miami for a weekend.  I agreed to come home and make sure my younger siblings dont kill each other and take care of the dogs.  Her email came with a full weekend schedule for my parents and a schedule of options for us kids… and this:

P.S. our wills are in the top left drawer at my desk in a yellow file
folder.  You won’t need them though.  And I didn’t divvy up the clock,
jewelry or other special items yet. 🙂

UPDATE:  Weekend went well. I had a chance to see some friends, spent plenty of time with the family, babysat my niece, went to HP5 with my little brother, played with my dogs… now I kinda miss em all.


2 11 2007

Guess who’s birthday??? That’s right! According to the omniscient facebook, GreekD (aka bootycall/text guy) turns 24 today! 

M mentioned it last night when she was on facestalk and jokingly wondered if he’d text me for a bootycall.  We laughed it off because I hadn’t heard from him in almost a month.  1 hour later… he texts.

GreekD:  B day Beej?

I yelled for M and quickly discussed an appropriate response. (My previous fuck off, no, leave me alone, you’re annoying responses never stopped him before.) M suggested simply ‘move on.’ It was met with Great Success!

GreekD: Ha ha that made me laugh fine if i must

I am ever grateful. Thank you M! I’m finally free of the annoying wank.