Misery Friday

27 10 2007

I was pretty down about how events didn’t quite go as I had hoped with SecondChanceE and exhausted from a very full, busy day at work while nursing a major hangover.  Most of the day & night was spent feeling pretty miserable and unwanted. 

SecondChanceE called that night when my roommate and I were at the mall.  He didn’t really say much, which confused me.  I guess I was hopeing he had a really purpose to the call (why else call) but everything was just mentioned in the tone of a preamble… as if to lead up to the real reason…. but there was nothing to follow.  I believe the reason he called was to apologize for the fact that we didn’t meet up at the bars after leaving his bday party for downtown. Apparently, the girls* he was with changed the plan by hitting a different bar.  He tried to find us by going back to the bar we were supposed to meet at and wandered around for 15mins by himself looking for me. That’s really nice of him.  I feel so bad we missed each other.

 Anyway, I just kept hoping it would get better but being tired and bored just made me a little sad.  So latelate friday was spent smoking outside on the phone watching drunkasses bumble around tripping over their costumes.

*ze girls are bitches – they changed bars without telling us (SecondChanceE forgot his cell at home & we don’t know the girls).  They didn’t help him look for us.  Moreover they refused him a ride back to the southside where he lives.  He had to crash at their place and missed work in the morning. Whatfuckingsweethearts.




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14 11 2007
SecondChance E « Cassette45

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