1st Hangover of the Weekend

26 10 2007

Connected with another coworker.  It was this morning as we both leaned heavily on the water cooler, chugging its goodness and comparing hangovers.  She showed me her sharpie tattoo where a friend ‘signed’ her last night.  I just grinned (*grimaced*) when I told her my morning.


6:30am – Turn off alarm

7:21am – Look at alarm, freak, jump out of bed

7:26am – Dressed (in jeans and shoes from nite before)

7:31am – Starting the car

7:57am – Arrive at work


I’m dehydrated, shying from all noise and just really looking forward to get directions from my boss.  Hopefully the perfume covers the majority of the beer smell. I just want to go back home, ditch the clothes, slide between the sheets, and curl up for a long winter’s nap. Sounds luxurious. And tempting.




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