Is the new guy worth it?

22 10 2007

Alrightly, here’s the scoop. 

M & I decided to host another party since she had some friends and a sister coming to the city.  I had specifically invited a guy* who we will call SecondChanceE for reasons which will become apparent.  Quite a few people showed up, and a good time was had by all.  Upon the clock striking 11pm** we ditched the apt for the bars.  After too many drinks and a lot of dancing, SecondChanceE & I kissed on the dance floor.

Several more drinks later, we were back at my place makeing out in my room.  One thing led to another… and needless to say he was too pleased when I said No Sex.  Normally this means messing around =ok… in my ridiculously plastered state however I turned total prude.  I don’t actually remember much else. 

In the morning I got a perfunctionary kiss and goodbye.  I figured that was the last of it.  Thing is, we were both too drunk that night. I know it. He knows it.  And surprisingly, I’m not ready to just walk away.  It’s not like I like/love/want him or anything crazy like that.  But I’m not not-attracted, which is a good start for me.  I guess I’ll give him second chance to impress me.  Maybe he’s worth it?

*Meet the guy:  We both attending a going away party for a friend leaving for Iraq.  We hit it off really well and ended up closing the bar long after all our friends had gone home.  After he walked me to my car, he kissed me. Simple. Sweet.  I was stunned.  I just met the guy, and we weren’t drunk. But he was fun and I figured, hey, i love a guy who can take the initiative. After I drove off, he called ‘just to make sure i hadn’t given him a fake number.’  He was funny and kinda cute.  On Sunday, he called to invite me to join him for a concert of a jazz & blues guitarist.  Unfortunately I was just driving back to the city and wouldn’t be able to make it.

**During our 1st – or was it 2nd? – party at the apt we were, apparently, a little loud.  I dont remember seeing a Quiet Time in the rent contract but the building managers live in the apt directly below us.  We didn’t argue.  Now we just make sure to get to the bars by 11 to avoid noise complaints. 




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12 11 2007
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