I am WAY too good for you!

17 09 2007

fucker. Coming from a small city with a small town attitude, I tend to be naive to the max. However, it wasn’t til recent that this really hit home.

It’s funny how it works, isn’t it? You can be going along for a while thinking everything thing is hummingbirds and cupcakes and then it just hits you like a brick wall. My anger trigger was a guy who has been pestering me for months now to hook up. Everything about him pisses me off – but he’s friends of a friend and I still have to see him from time to time in their company. Okay so we made out. So a little less than sex was involved. I was drunk beyond drunk. This constant texting me has got to stop.

Txting last night for a booty call (again!) I was so incensed by pestering that I retorted something to the effect of ‘get lost’ …he responded saying that I shouldn’t be getting so uppity and thinking I’m too good for him. I told him, in essence, to fuck off and get a life as I certainly can and have done better than him. I told him to stop txting as I had better things to do than be annoyed by him. I turned off my cell willing myself not to read his nasty response when it came, which never happened. Maybe this is finally over. I was considering getting his number blocked.

Just shows how dumb I can be. Friends for life with some of the best guys around, I never once imagined that other guys weren’t like them. Yea, they’ve told me over and over to be careful. I’ve found it hilarious how they freak about their little sisters dating “because I know what guys are like. I know what they’re really thinking.” ha. I just counted it as one of their paranoias. Come on kids, I know what they’re thinking too. Who cares? …wow. well I think I finally found the assholes they always warn me about – the ones with only one thing on their mind. I’ve never cared if all they ever think about is sex. I’ve just never been pressured so much from a one-(okay two)-night-stand. ridic




3 responses

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