Mind the Gap

1 09 2007

Since there’s so much that’s happened since May I think I’d better throw some information at my nonreaders. Here’s to filling you in! Cheers!


  • Graduated from college
  • Continued searching for job


  • Ditched Patriots. He was far more commitment oriented than me. Good for him, as he’s having a baby in a week or so with his ex-girlfriend. (yes, I knew this at the time)
  • Moved to the city with childhood best friend


  • Got job in Marketing!!! Pays well, in my field, workload is decent.
  • Paying bills & getting hangovers
  • Macked on friend of a friend. Twice. Valedictorian, future surgeon, and total ass


  • Bought a car. The Rabbit. Isn’t she pretty?rabbit
  • Macked on friend of a friend after a baseball game… now he’s awkward around me. I don’t even remember it. My bad.
  • Studying Hinduism just because I want to. It’s all the same in the end – all these religions. Just different ways of getting there.

So that’s just about the whole summer with maybe a few drunken nights filling in the unwritten.




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