Do I dare say it?

30 04 2007

So this has quite possibly been the longest week of my life. It is the very last week of classes – exams are next week – and then… FREEDOM! Fucking scared to death of graduating though. I’ve been fighting the system for the last 3 years, and in a last effort to royally screw me over, the college keeps conveniently ‘forgetting’ that I’m supposed to walk the stage in just over a week. fuckers

In other news, wow, Patriots… what can I say?

Well Friday night Allie and I went out to a sports bar in town with Patriots and his friends. I txted him to see if he was free because our other option was staying in, no socialness, no booze, and watching porn with the guy friends.  Just wasn’t feeling it.  So we ditched – much to their dismay.  Going to the bar with Patriots was very much a spontaneous idea but it meant free drinks ALL night!!! It was the best nite I’ve had in ages! 5 guys, 2 girls… havent had that much attention (especially from Patriots) in at least a year. (yes, Allie played wingman… and handled 4 guys by herself. She’s prettyfuckinstellar)

Saturday, because we had so much fun the night before, we decided to go out with them again. This time wasn’t quite as much fun because a heavy metal band was playing at the bar… and they sucked. We could barely talk over the noise.  Allie and her boyfriend left early.  I had opted for a ride home from Patriots. I knew what I was getting into. 

Unfortunately, I pulled the usual and drank a little bit too much. Must’ve been that last vodka shot. Anyway I spilled a full drink on him. Very smooth. Surprisingly (or not, since i was drunk) I just thought it was fucking hilarious.  Luckily he did too – should’ve known then that we were wasted. We left and I blacked out.  Apparently I turned his music all the way up and rolled down the windows… also may have yelled at him for not using his blinker… drove back to his house

We arrived at his house, met his housemates and went to bed. Yea, I know. He was supposed to give me a ride home. I believe I called the bed and told him he could sleep there too “if he didn’t mind that I might cuddle.” We spent the entire night just cuddling, which was nice.  I wouldn’t let him kiss me, despite his repeated attempts, because he had a girlfriend. Yes. That’s right a GIRLFFRIEND. So we just cuddled and talked.

I have never felt so completely comfortable with a guy before (well, except with Indie). We had a ton of fun. As of 2minutes before we had to absolutely get up in the morning (he had golf at 9 – he’s on the golf team) he kissed me. And i let him. And i kissed him back. Feeling incredibly guilty and dirty I ended that fast. We talked in the car about it and everything. He was very uncomfortable in his relationship with his gf – almost sounded like he was guilted into it and felt stuck with her.  Seems like a weird relationship to me. So he drove me home at 8:45am. I went to my little sister’s confirmation (as her sponsor) completely hungover. Afterwards came back, relayed it all to the girls…




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