I know

19 04 2007

it’s strange to really like this, but I do. He only IMed me it because my away msg said ‘worst day ever’ – as i was having a really shitty day. I responded the way I always do to things like this: make a joke because that’s what is expected. Plus ties into an earlier joke we had …something about him stalking me etc… v.random humor I know. But that’s me. And that’s him. And that’s why we get along.

IndieBoy: i love you
Grace: i know
Grace: most of my stalkers do
Grace: but thanks

The funny bit is, I’m more touched than anything. He knew I wouldn’t take it the wrong way. I’ve heard those words many times from guys but never from any guy I ever cared about. And I don’t just mean as a crush. As a friend.

It was a bandaid on my bad day. Soothed the wounds inflicted by profs, friends, the world in general.

ADDITIONALLY was on the phone with my mom whingeing about all the stress I’ve with graduating early. Her response? “Well, I was thinking. Do you still want to jump out of a plane?” whwhwhat?! A friend of mine is going skydiving with his sister and dad to celebrate his dad’s official “the cancer is gone for good” and they’ve invited me along. I had to say no because I’m as broke as it gets. However! Mom’s offered to pay for it so long as I work my ass off! YES!!!




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