All I do these days

18 04 2007

is just whinge about job-search/apartment-search/lack-of-guy/weight. I swear I’m beginning to drive myself insane! So now I’m just sitting here chewing that crap easter egg gum that gets old after 8secs. It’s dull business indeed.

Turns out I’ve been a major crapper these days. One of my housemates and one of my good friends both confronted me about my shitty behavior. Yea, well, you’re not looking for a job/apt/bf… yada yada yada. Guess I got so sick of listening to everyone else’s “terrible life” I just distanced myself. Well, apparently if I’m pissed/stressed/upset about something I should “talk about it.” I understand. Yes, of course. Let’s ’share.’

Hell no! At this point I’d prefer just to be short or snippy with someone. Otherwise they’ll hear everything that I’m on about. Thus far it’s between me and the internet. Sweet. Besides, I’ve tried that whole “Hey, I’m stressed. Could I talk to you?” thingy before and all I’ve gotten is “…oh. um. I’m busy right now. maybe another time?” ANOTHER TIME??? no! I want to talk NOW. But yes of course, let me accommodate your schedule. Thanks for your concern.




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