Common Courtesies

15 04 2007

I firmly believe in the basic courtesies of life. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ and all that jazz. Say you called me. You say you’re in town and want to see me. We pick a day. You are supposed to call me so we’ll figure out logistics. You don’t call. Still not calling. Never call. I txt you. No answer. I make other plans with other people. Yet, I still check my cell every hour to see if you called. I knew we wouldn’t hang out. Anticipated it. But you should at least call to say you made other plans. It’s not the fact that I didn’t see you. It’s that you didn’t bother to call.

It happened once 1 wk ago. Happened again tonite. Gee thanks for your fucking courtesy.

UPDATE: I’m a bad bad person.  I judge too soon.  Got txt from IndieBoy today saying “trying to get people together to drive into the city.” Oh. Damn fucking phone! I never get txts, voicemails, internet… and the alarm doesn’t work. Fuck razor.




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