I facebooked you!

14 04 2007

No knocks to Cute Jewess here or anything, but something she said made me think.  We really are a society devoted to our technology.

P.S. I was so good and patient yesterday and didn’t text, email, or call The Crush once. -CJ

When we crush… we’re flirting in person, on the cell, thru texts, thru emails, and on instant messenger.  You can’t go anywhere in your daily life without the full ability to somehow contact him.  It’s amazing.  How on earth did people get by without cells or the internet?? You’d have to spend hours upon hours analyzing everything he said/you said until the next time you meet.  No 1am drunken texts from the bars.  No quick “i’m on break. just wanted to know if you’re free tonite” calls.  No msgs or emails of “i miss you.”

It’s even worse now with myspace, facebook, and google.  I’ve never gotten into myspace, but I’m on facebook.  The amount of stalking that goes on everyday with that thing is astonishing.  10 mins and you can name off their hometown, favorite bands, best friends, acquaintances, childhood imaginary friends… okay maybe not that. You can look at picture after picture after picture of them doing dumbshit stuff with crazy friends and drinking themselves into a stupor.  Facebook and google are now VERBS!  “Oh yea i facebooked him yesterday… did you see his new girlfriend?!”

It’s interesting even with google now.  What was just another search engine (I know that’s vastly underestimating it) is now an amazing tool for finding out all printed information about the latest whos who.  There was just an article in the latest Tatler magazine about it.  Britain’s high society of is obsessed with googling their newest acquaintances on their phones under dinner tables at charity this charity that to know who to suck up to the most. Ridic! Googling my most recent crush… turns out he was vp of his senior class in high school and makes deans list every year in college.  Not the type of information that comes up in normal conversation but tells you a ton about the person.

hmpf. must retreat from comp. feeling too overly stalkerish.




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