6 04 2007

oi! kill me. sitting at a cafe pretending to do hw. sucky. happy good friday.
IndieBoy called yesterday – completely randomly. It pretty much made my day. He was just calling because he’s in town over Easter, and as tomorrow is his birthday, wanted to let me know he and friends are going out tomorrow nite either here or in another city about 20mins south. I would LOVE to go. But how awkward could that be?! I barely know a few of his friends and none of our mutual friends are going. I’m planning on dragging my best friend along if I go. Idk. All I know is that yesterday I was on cloud 9 daydreaming about how wonderful it would be if he (in his drunken state) would confess that he still really liked me. As amazingly wonderful as that would be… very very unlikely. I just need to get over him. Why is he so hard to get over? Because he fits everything I’m looking for. Plus his stellar taste in music is majorly attractive… damnit

UPDATE:  He never called to tell me what city.  I don’t care if he went to the other one. I figured he would. I ended up going out with friends anyway. But I txted him and he never responded. So what if we don’t hang out. At least let me know what the plan is. pissed.




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