Job Search – Interview #1

27 03 2007

Just thought I’d let you know how the job search is going. Wow. It’s tough. I’ve applied to 5 different companies, heard from one, was contacted by one I didn’t apply to, and had one interview.

I have one more interview (the one that found me) tomorrow at noon. It’s not really what I’ve been looking for since it is in sales. However, at this point I just want to interview, and a lot of these marketing groups are really bad at getting back to you. This company sells insurance to baby boomers and seniors. Well, I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

The interview I had just last week was –nothing– like I expected. I prepared for it quite a bit the 2 days before and felt pretty confident walking into it.  I had my 30sec commercial down, resume in hand, and questions for the company ready. I did a ‘mock interview’ with a friend the night before, and we discussed tons of questions they might ask me.  Believe me, I was prepared.

Well, this is how it went down. I drove 2 hrs in order to arrive in the city at 9:30am.  My interview was scheduled for 9:45 and I was told that it would be shorter because she was ‘fitting me in’ before another interview. I anticipated 15-20mins.  When I arrived I watched as 20-25 girls dressed like me, carrying portfolio-like folders literally run out of the office. I knew it was an event based company so I guessed/hoped/prayed that they worked there and were just running to that day’s event.

After checking in, I waited in the front office until 9:55. Another girl named was sitting in the chair next to me and told me she was interviewing too.  The interviewer scurried out of her office and took the girl I was talking to just outside with another girl. They were given what looked like a map and a few sheets of paper and left to decide who would drive. I panicked a little! Is this gonna take longer than an hour?!

Finally, I was into see the interviewer.  She gave me the entire history and growth strategy of the company in one breath.  I believe I said “I studied abroad.” “my name is Grace.” and “I graduate in May.”  Yep. In that order too. Actually I don’t think I got out a whole sentence.  I have never met anyone who talks that fast!  After 3mins of her talking she asked if I was available this Monday (yesterday) for an interview from 9:30am to 6:30pm. What?! WTF? Why 9 hours?!?!?!

I ended up turning down the 2nd interview in the end. I felt after the first that the company viewed not just their job candidates but also their employees as disposable. The 2nd interview was supposed to be attending an event with 2-3 other girls vying for the same position and one staff member. You get to ask questions and they ask you questions and you ‘help out’ at the event. After that there’s a 3rd interview very similar and then the offer of an internship that covers Friday (afternoon) through Sunday (evening) every weekend until graduation.  30-40 girls are applying for this.  Prolly 5-6 will get internships. Of those interns they hire 2-3.

so not worth it.

I’m still reeling a bit from it.  I walked out 5mins after walking into her office and felt like I had just barely survived a major tornado.  WOW.  No words can express my relief to leave that place.  It was my first (non informational) interview, and unfortunately I’m guessing I’ll have a lot more odd ones like that.  oh fuck.




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