21st Birthday – part 2

26 03 2007

So we went to a bar on the university’s campus for progressives. EVERYONE was there! The 2 girls of my house who could go that nite ended up hitting the bar with everyone before I got there because we had to check into a hotel since my bff was at the hospital. They must’ve warned everyone that bff was back in the ER. Just about everyone was several drinks in when I arrived. It was a lot of fun and all the guys went out of their way to try to cheer me up. I think bc I was so upset about bff I was really hard to get drunk. The shot of grey goose got me tho. Eventually we went to one other bar and then home for the nite. The guys walked us back to our hotel which was right across from where they were staying.

Stories of the nite:

On the way home I was looking at the stars while leaning on one of my supersweet guy friends. (yea, drunk) I was looking at the stars because I love stars. Unfortunately, I forgot I had taken out my contacts before drinking because I knew I’d forget to take them out at the end of the nite.

So here I am staring up and I see the *stars* are ZOOMING across the sky. There was NO PATTERN!!! they just kept GOING AND GOING in swirls and circles and OMG! I thought I was high or something at first!!! I was about to freak out and said something aloud. A few of the guys looked over and just stared at me for a moment like I had turned into a frog or something. “umm no. Grace, those are seagulls.” “What?! No! Seagulls DO NOT REFLECT LIGHT!” v. pregnant pause becoming amazingly awkward. “No really Grace, those are seagulls. *sigh* Just don’t look at them. ok?

Even better. So my sister went back to the hotel before us and took her contacts out and went to bed. She forgot the contact case so put them in two cups in the bathroom, labeled them Left and Right and put a showercap over em. I woke up at 6am and had to pee like a racehorse. I didn’t want to bug anyone so I didn’t turn the light on. Brilliant. Then of course i was dead thirsty after 15shots the nite before. So i fumble around knowing they always put cups in the bathroom. I grab one. My first thought? ‘Wow. they really are helpful here. They already filled the cups with water? score!‘ I grab the cup and accidentally spill half of it all over the counter. So i refill the cup and go back to bed. About 15mins later it occurs to me that she had said something about putting her contacts in cups in the bathroom. I freaked!

i ran in there and switched on the light! I thought ‘I DRANK MY SISTER’S CONTACT!‘ I panicked! I look at the mess on the counter and there, sitting in a puddle is her contact. So i put more water in the cup and the contact back in it. Praying she wouldn’t notice, I went back to bed.

What a night.




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1 12 2007

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