21st Birthday – part 1

24 03 2007

So seeing as I’m stuck in marketing when it is AMAZING outside, I figured I might as well do -something- fun. I can’t believe it is 76degrees out! It’s march!

I’ve been missing two of my friends terribly lately.  One is currently studying abroad in France for her International Business major. France sounds incredible despite the shitty people.   The other – my ex-roomie of londontown – is abroad again (so jealous!) but in the Netherlands this time.  Damn.  Their pictures are lovely. Everything looks like a postcard and makes me miss Europe desperately. I’ve been daydreaming lately of the markets and fresh food. You just can’t get enough of that around here it seems. Or at least, it’s not as easy to come by.

My 21st birthday was pretty stellar. It was not quite as wonderful as it would have been had half my housemates been there, but we made do. It was quite a night. I got a ridic new license that morning – i look 300 pounds with 8 chins.

My sister and I were supposed to meet up with my bff (and future roommate!) and 2 of my housemates for dinner Monday night at this really cool bar/restaurant that is crazy-spy-themed. We were going to crash at my best friend’s apt that nite.

Well, that didnt happen. She starting having a migraine mid-afternoon. At 7 after her classes ended she went into the emergency room again with a friend to get a CATscan. That turned up clear at 10pm so she got a spinal tap at midnight. It ended up that nothing showed and the problem was that she isnt taking care of herself. She was dehydrated and hadnt really eaten anything that day. It all just sucks because she hasn’t really accepted that she can’t take on the world since her brain aneurysm last summer.

So she was in the ER all nite. My sister and I sat around for a while waiting to hear from her on whether or not it was bad news. In the end we went out anyway because she didn’t want us at the hospital and I couldn’t just sit in the hotel room all night worrying.

class is over!

to be continued…  




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