There There

14 03 2007

So after an hour of building sexy calluses on my fingers I figured I’d take a short break and check out what’s going on in the world* and you’ll never believe what I found. Check out Steph’s latest post. yeayea picture this picture that. we’ve all seen this level of gross/funny/disgusting before. It’s the comments that make the post! My personal favorite: “Nope, you’re definitely NOT pregnant.

On another note, my computer is a grand ole** fuckit that wont let me do anything. The monitor keeps flashing into a ‘gorgeous’ shade of yellow and half my internet forgets to load. what? I have done nothing but baby you and take care of you and not let in viruses or shit. I take you to get cleaned and sorted once or twice a year, and this is how you repay me??? fuck that.

Well, at least I’m not my roomie. Her monitor sounds like a radio between stations with the amount of static sounding out of it. Oh and that piece of crap she calls a tower? sounds like an airplane is taking off every 20mins. Ever think ‘maybe if i get all the dust cleaned off the fan will stop working on overtime…’ ??

Well, since the weather sucks today being all dreary and wet and cold, I’m taking my little bit of free time to practice. Not that any of you are into Radiohead but if you are – listen to that opening for There There – this is pretty good tab*** of it:


*the blogging world of course. as if this grand whole piece of shit matters anyway right? or at least, that’s the impression I’m getting from my retarded fellow conservatives. fuckers. you’re making the rest of us look bad.
**3yrs! that’s it!!! piece of shit!
***the spacing got a little screwed in the transfer but should be pretty good




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