On again with the Patriots

12 03 2007

Okay, so we don’t support the same football team. In fact, we like different ‘footballs’ altogether. We see each other in passing maybe once a month and almost never hangout. He doesn’t know much about music… at all.

He’s perfect. Perfect like Teddy and Bribon and MrOpportunity were. Smart. Funny. He knows how to make me laugh. An accounting major who is already working and has a full time accounting position already lined up for after graduation. For pete’s sake he fucking volunteers as a big for Big Brothers Big Sisters!!! He’s a year older and definitely a bit more mature than my guy friends. He always helps out when I’m freaking about a project or professor.  He’s cute and in shape.  Is always off playing basketball w/ people. Has a ton of friends and is incredibly sweet to everyone. Has had several girlfriends so isn’t a frickin’ dumbass when it comes to girls. In fact, I get the impression he makes a great boyfriend.

I know for a fact that I get dressed up (makeup+shower+anything but sweats) for class everyday for 2guys. One has a girlfriend but I liked last year and am still secretly hopeing they break up because he is just an amazing guy. The other is Patriots.  For no reason other than I relish the attention. And this is despite the fact that I’ve only seen him on campus ONCE this semester.

What the freakin fuck is wrong with me?!?

After much pressure* from the roomies I’ve agreed to say yes if he asks me on a date. However, this was after I initially did that who conversation w/ him of “this isnt a tonite type talk.” Since then he’s been out with friends and studying for midterms such that I’ve barely spoken to him. Weirdly enough, I was sad today. I hadn’t talked to him in just a few days, and I missed our talks.

So now I’m sitting about whingeing to no one because if I told any of the girls they’d freak out that I like him. And to be honest, I don’t know if I do. He’s too frickin perfect! Where the hell is the bomb?!?!

*I succumb to peer pressure toofuckingeasily




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